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Crypto success: bitcoin payment is also possible with the "Amazon Swiss" 26/3/19


The largest online mail order company in Switzerland, Digitec Galaxus, has recently decided to accept Bitcoin and another crypto currency as a way of paying. This should make a significant contribution to the better acceptance of a new Internet currency.

Bitcoin has not yet been fully accepted

In the last few months, the bitcoin, which released an unprecedented hype in 2017 and has reached an incredible high of nearly 20,000 within a few months, has largely calmed down. After a rapid decline in prices, the cyber-invention has now settled at around 4,000 US dollars. In fact, the Internet money based on blockchain was developed as another method of payment, without interference of banks and financial policy, it should be completely independent and devolved. The strong volatility and lack of money in the market was acceptable, however, meant that the Bitcoin was considered a speculative object, because it was an equal currency.


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But much has happened since the first piece of the Blockchain was excavated in 2008. The cyberdevise novel was written and discussed extensively. Many other cryptocrons were born due to the evolution of the crypto. Although much progress has been made in terms of acceptance, the mass market has not yet reached Internet money. So far, the retail trade to date has struggled with the volatile Silver cryptocur.

Digitec Galaxus develops

That could change now. The online retailer of Swiss, Digitec Galaxus, said it was now accepting various cyber-tasks as a way of paying. The retailer operates two online trading platforms:, an online store similar to US retail giant Amazon; and, online electronics shop. In a press release, the company announced the new address: “Digitec and Galaxus customers can also pay for their purchase with chrypto-currency, and as well as Bitcoin, the largest Swiss online retailer is received several inherited coins such as Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin. The new payment method will be available from an order value of 200 Swiss francs.

Partnership with Datatrans and Coinify

To pay with Bitcoin and Co. possible, Digitec Galaxus is collaborating with the company Datatrans RE payments from Switzerland. Coinify deals with payments, a Danish payments provider focused on cyber-invention. Although Digitec Galaxus does not charge for crypto payment, Coinify keeps 1.5 per cent of the purchase amount converted. In addition, the online retailer notes that additional transaction costs may arise. According to Head of Datatrans, Hanspeter Maurer, however, this could change in the future: "The technology is constantly developing and faster and cheaper transactions are already on the horizon."

Avnet also opens to Bitcoin

In addition to the online retailer of Swiss, Avnet, the American-American electronics manufacturer, recently opened just for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, the Internet currency. With an annual sales of $ 19.04 billion in 2018, the Phoenix-based company is not a lightweight company and also helps increase cryptocurrency reception. As a partner, Avnet chose the well-known payment provider BitPay, which also includes company sizes such as Microsoft a Virgin among the customers count. The transaction fee set by Avnet is 1 per cent according to the company. The technology company said it wanted to respond to around 250,000 Bitcoin transactions in the world every day, and to support cyberdevises progress.

With more and more companies opening up to Internet money, Bitcoin and Co. accept. increases continuously. Because when large retailers begin to trust the new payment method, so too the pressure to compete with companies that compete. As a result, acceptance is becoming more common and Cryptocur Silver can return to its original destination: creating an alternative payment method.


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