Monday , July 4 2022

Compare savings account: Where you still get interest


With private accounts, some banks already give no interest. Now, UBS is also taking this route in the savings account. In Raiffeisen, ZKB and Co. savers. get even more of it. But it's not much.

From June, UBS customers will no longer receive interest on their savings account. At a rate of 0 per cent, the money in the bank produces the same amount as under the mattress. After all, it's safer with the financial institution.

The Moneyland comparison service fears that more banks will follow the UBS example soon. "As other Swiss banks often focus on interest rates and costs in the big banks, UBS's new interest rate cut can also have a negative impact on other bank customers," said Money Manan Managing Director Benjamin Manz.

ZKB attracts 1 per cent

With the big Credit competitor Suisse savers remain at 0.01 percent. Up to a fortune of 250,000 francs. Who's even more on the savings account, it's not getting more interest in it. CS customers drive slightly better with the Bonviva package. There, interest rates are offered from 0.1 to 0.4 per cent. However, there is also a quarter of a million.

The ZKB also has an additional offer for package customers. Up to 5,000 francs get this 1 per cent interest, then the interest falls to 0.025 per cent. With over 250,000 francs, customers are not interested in parcels. The Luzerner Kantonalbank has shared his usual savings account offer in three interest rates. Up to 100,000 francs are 0.05 per cent, then up to a million 0.01 per cent. There is nothing left for savers to worry about.

BKB scratched at 0 per cent

0.05 per cent replaces the Postfinance savings account. This interest rate applies to franc and euro accounts. The largest amounts are Swiss French 250 000 respectively, 200 Euro. In Raiffeisen Zurich, customers also received 0.05 percent.

Bank Clerk has an interest rate of 0.05 per cent up to a limit of 500,000 francs. The bank also advertises the Plus savings account. The first year attracts a favorable interest rate of 0.575 per cent. However, the bonus of 0.5 per cent has been limited to new debts up to a maximum of 250,000 CHF. From the second year there is a regular 0.075 per cent.

The Kantonalbank Basler comes very close to the 0 percent of UBS. There is 0.05 per cent interest, but only up to 50,000 francs.

If you want more, you have to look elsewhere

Conclusion: The savings can be optimized easily with additional savings account proposals from the banks. If you are a customer parcel or our member of Raiffeisen, you benefit from slightly higher interest rates.

But there is hope for more profit, he must invest his money differently. For example, in stocks. No one with a long-term investment horizon and in the near future need to get the money for mortgage repayment, debt repayment or other large expenses, "he can continue to start," said stock expert Jörn Spillmann of Zürcher. Kantonalbank in April against LOOK.

However, investors need nerves on the stock exchanges. There is always a risk of large losses.

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