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Clear text in all situations: That's why Niki Lauda was difficult


Sayings Saloppe, controversial statements, unconventional private life: Niki Lauda has always gone her own way. That made him a cult figure, even outside Formula 1.

Stay true for you yourself: Today, every Instagram star is a reputed life motto. Niki Lauda was a true one. He did what he wanted, what he thought was right, no matter what others thought about him. His opinion? Lauda has never been covered. Typical Niki.

He had never looked after conventions. When he became a father again sixty, Lauda said, "How good is a young child as a father to fathers, who has no idea of ​​dreams and bubbles?" Typically Niki. The conversation about her 30 years younger, Birgit's second wife and the birth of an illegitimate child when she married Marlene left her always cold.

With his occasional, sometimes cruel nature, Lauda became a cult, which was always on the shovel by comedians. When he first became a grandfather, he said: "I don't care. I am very pleased that these nine months have passed and that everything is born alive and screaming." Niki typical.

Say goodbye to the TV from nowhere

His simplicity made him indispensable as an expert on RTL TV channel for 21 years. His departure was as typical as Niki. Without opening anyone, he says in front of the camera after the last race in 2017: "I have decided I will not be an RTL expert next year." Presenter Florian König has almost dropped the microphone in hand.

It was even worse for an American television woman who once returned to the scene of the accident on the Nürburgring with Lauda. Lauda certainly set up a summit of the breakfast buffet near the race track. "Then I say:" Look, this is my ear! "She lost her character completely, they had to turn everything back," Lauda told the Süddeutsche.

The Proverbs go too far

Jokes for his right ear deformed. Typical Niki. Lauda always dealt with his appearance, although the red cap almost always covered his scar head. "I have a reason to be ugly!" Since the movie hit "Rush", the epic duo against James Hunt and his perseverance in 1976 is also more pronounced for younger fans.

Clearly that Lauda with her voting phrases has also shot over the target over and over again. One is «gay dancing» and «Tutti-Frutti-TV» about two participants «Dance Stars». Or, as an F1 expert, for example about Max Verstappen: "There seems to be no reason in his mind. This is a question of intelligence sometime!"

Despite the clear language Lauda also had a soft heart. Unforgettable, as he congratulated his twins on his mobile phone camera by BLICK legend Roger Benoit 2017 from Singapore: «Max, Mia, happy birthday, for you, from Singapore, call!», Says Niki happy.

Unfortunately, its lol is silent forever.

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