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Chronic: Achievements and plays: Niki Lauda celebrates 70s


Lauda was born on February 22, 1949 in Vienna, the son of an industrial family. He could not stop a part of the wealthy family because of his passion for motor racing, preventing the career of most domestic racing drivers. Lauda funded himself through bank loans and gave a leading career of circuit racing over Formula 3, Formula 2 for Formula 1.

Six months after transplanting lungs, its "round" is about health. The "man with the red cap" and the accidental head has been through many casual decades.

Graphic shows the most important milestones of sports career Niki Lauda

Graphics: APA /; Source: APA /

Graphic shows the most important milestones of sports career Niki Lauda

Graphics: APA /; Source: APA

In the first class, Lauda was analyzed in August 1971 as a 21 year old in March on the Ring Austria. Lauda was for an Austrian folk soul, to speak, the logical continuation of the spirit of optimism, who had suffered serious disadvantages just two years later by the death of Jochen Rindt in 1970 and the serious eye injuries of his schoolmate Helmut Marko.

Unique career

First, Lauda did not finish. Nevertheless, he began a world-class unique career with the 1976 dramatic fire accident as well as the three titles WM 1975, 1977 and 1984. A career, which followed Lauda after resigning later in 1985, was a career economic and serious as Flugunternehmer.

In addition to the 25 Grand Prix awards in Formula 1 and the entrepreneurial achievements, but above all, the dramatic events that have made Lauda are an exception.

"How can the dork drive again?"

This includes, for example, the serious fire accident on 1 August 1976 on the Nürburgring. His wife, Marlene, told Lauda that the doctors did not expect him to survive the first night. In the hospital, a priest even gave him the last rituals.

The accident is exactly on the day the Reichsbrüc Vienna has collapsed, has itself burned in a contemporary red-white contemporary history. Many Austrian still know where they were there.

42 days later, Lauda praised Monza in the race and finished fourth. "How can the dork drive back when it's burning?" Lauda asked for all the critics and suspicions. The statement made immediately after: "The quick form was part of a strategy, not long to sit at home and find out why and why it all happened."

Duel with Helfa was filmed

That is a fierce nature and a fixed human mindset that kept Lauda again in the squad. And when he came down, then at his own discretion. As in 1976, when it came later a dramatic year with a first private tractor followed by a fire accident, he abandoned the title of a possible world without fighting because it was too dangerous in the wet race last in Fuji.

Briton James Hunt became a world champion with one point leader. The previous competition between Lauda and the British was redistributed in the "Rush" feature film in 2013.

TV Note

ORF III shows the document "Niki Lauda – Von Höhenflügen und Tragödien" on Friday at 8.15 pm on the occasion of the 70th anniversary as part of the "zeit.geschichte" series – more on tv.ORF. at.

Worship in Italy

In 1977, Lauda for the second time was Ferrari Champion, and that's why he is still in good faith in Italy until now. This year, he also launched his first attempt as an airline entrepreneur: first with two charter aircraft, then from 1979 with Lauda Air, and he wanted to compete with her in the US monopolist state. So, finishing his Formula 1 career after training in Canada for the first time this year with the famous phrase that did not want to "circle more now". Instead, Lauda himself dedicated to building his airline.

In 1982 he returned for promotional reasons but back in a motorcycle. 1984 joined the McLaren driver now with only half a point before his third world title, but a year later he finished with the first class. Due to the initial problems with the authorities, at the end of this year it was still receiving an extended concession and was launched again with Lauda Air. In 1990, this went public.

The darkest hour

As in sport, Lauda had worn hours in flight too. The most pleasing on May 26, 1991, when Boeing 767 was defeated to Bangkok after launching and killing 223 people.

For Lauda this is the worst event in his life. "I was really surprised," he said. "My accident was not anything compared to what I saw there." The images went on how the rubble field crossed the world. Teuda feels convinced. Only after several months was found to be a technical deficit.

Niki Lauda at the spot and the place of a crash Boeing 767 Lauda Air

GEPA / Matichon / Gamma

After the crash of Boeing 767, as the flight price, Lauda was given an overview at the location and location

At the end of 2000, Lauda – who also continued to work in Formula One and, as a Ferrari consultant (between 1993 and 1995), was involved with Michael Schumacher there – retired from Lauda Air's control. The airline was completely swallowed in 2001 by the AUA. He was already a director of Lauda race and later a rather rather team leader, Jaguar in the F1.

So, the incredible entrepreneur took it to fly again. In 2003, Lauda took over the majority of Aero Lloyd Austria and set up a new air line, called in Niki or flyniki in 2004. This year, the busy Lauda was also briefly the ÖBB Supervisory Board. In 2011 he sold his airline completely Air Berlin. In 2012 Lauda became a 10 percent shareholder and the Mercedes Formula 1 team chairman.

Two marriages, five children

Lauda (2008) Birgit Wetzinger, former aviation assistant. The marriage comes from the twins born in 2009 Max and Mia. Lauda's sons of the first marriage with Marlene Knaus, Lukas and Mathias are also active in motors and control.

According to their own knowledge, Lauda has little contact with another – illegally – a son. Birgit Lauda gave in 2005 and therefore another kid before the wedding. The first he had – as a result of the old fire accident and the need for medicines – in 1997 by Brother Florian.

Former Rape Formula 1 Niki Lauda and wife of Birgit

APA / dpa / Rainer Jensen

Wife Birgit gave a laude to Lauda in 2005, in 2009 the Max and Mia twins were won

As Air Berlin itself had slipped into bankruptcy in 2017, Lauda opened up new business opportunities: Although Niki, a bankrupt bank fille, has already promised Lufthansa, the Austrian Creditors Committee decided in January 2018 that Laudamotion Lauda company would be successful in giving Giving Niki. Two months later, Ryanair joined Laudamotion. At the end of 2018, Ryanair took over the last 25 percent of the Niki Laudamotion airline, the Austrian but was still the chairman.

Complications that are life threatening

Similarly, Lauda knew about the severity of her health problems, when she broke her Ibiza vacation in July 2018 due to a virus or summer flu that ended and went to medical treatment. So he had to lose the Grand Prix races in Germany and Hungary.

When the obvious patient was already on the way to improve, life-threatening complications were added to the 42-year-old pulmonary lungs, which ultimately demanded organ transplantation in AKH Vienna. After intense recovery, it was released in the autumn, but he had to go back to hospital in January 2019 because of the flu.

"Fight like a lion"

"It's going up the hill. It's hard at work," said his son Mathias dpa. His father spent up to six hours a day in reinstatement in Vienna to strengthen his body. "He's fighting as a lion. He wants to return to the usual life as soon as possible," he said, the son who lives with his famous father in Vienna.

His father's return to the circuit for the Grand Prix opening of Formula 1 on March 17 in Melbourne holds Mathias Lauda because it is not quite probable. "We do not have a time limit. It's important for the body to get old," he said. Starting the new Formula 1 season would be just too early for dad, but one would "wait and see".

Niki Lauda (Mercedes) with a fan

GEPA / Christian Walgram

Lauda is unlikely to return to Formula One opener in Melbourne

The public interest in Lauda, ​​and so also in its health problems, is so great because Fiennes, with a direct nature and time to stand for almost everything, has even made a figure very public for himself.

"Wonderful personality in Formula 1"

Lauda is a cult figure. "Niki follows the departure of Bernie Ecclestone, the biggest personality in the Formula pan," said Toto Wolff, the main Mercedes team recently for his famous coach, who worked until 2017, and so over 20 years as a specialist Television in the German broadcaster RTL was.

Honors, rewards and anniversaries were the passionate pilot, who often likes to sit in the cock of his own plane at all times, according to their own statements. The quieter boundary crosses can quite possibly see something different now.

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