At the moment who flies with Southwest Airlines, is currently waiting for problems. The US low-cost airline has a number of flights above average. With around 40 aircraft being served – more than twice as much as possible – the airline had to fight hundreds of journeys every day. This airline gave a connection to the pay negotiations that currently run with the maintenance and blame staff and the unions. But he refused.

On Friday (21 February) it continued with the failures – but for another reason: Due to computer problems, the airline had to leave all jets on the ground for a short time in the morning. There are likely to be problems with the program sending the flight plans to the Federal Flight Ministry. South West Wales was able to solve the difficulties, however, and continue to act normally, said in the morning (local time) on Twitter. In addition to the technical and mechanical problems, the airline also had to cancel dozens of flights due to winter weather in the United States. On Friday, there were 400 cancellations and about 1000 delays.