Sunday , August 7 2022

Bund notes in a leaflet what you should eat on disgust


You're planning disgusting? The Confederation now makes recommendations in a leaflet to make events of this kind friendly to the environment.

If you are planning aperitif, the Federal Office of Environment (Bafu) has some "practical recommendations" on how to make events of this kind friendly to the environment. At least two thirds of the buffet should be vegetarian, according to the leaflet "Sustainable food", with a vegetarian being "given first". The proposal should be as organic, seasonal and regional as possible – and serve on reusable crockery.

When eating the Bafu we value labels: fruit and vegetables should also be supplied with organic labels, fruit and bananas with the label Max Havelaar. Meat and dairy products must be from organic production from Switzerland. For fish, the MSC, ASC and organic certificates apply – in the best case even from Swiss waters. In a dessert, only chocolate has been properly certified.

Foreign wine is insignificant

If you serve coffee juice, tea or fruit, you must also observe the same thing. California Roses or white South African wines are a starting point. Regional or organic wine should be on the table. Also, the water should be out of the pipe – and not from the bottle.

But why does the Confederation dictate what to drink and eat in a disgusting? Nutrition accounted for 28 percent of the environmental impact, says Bafu spokesman for «CH Media». "Therefore, the Bafu considers that sensitization of the population is an important measure to conserve natural resources," the spokesman said. (Tractor Unit)

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