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Bremgarten: student skip project week – parents are punished


Project week to be dumped by pupils with refugees – his parents have now punished

A student from the school left a Wohlen school project class, as it did not fit its content. Bremgarten District Court convicted parents for support.

Toni Widmer / ch media

Another fortnight of school, then life could start. The 16-year-old had done well in the past, the final grade of 5.1 in the Wohlen class school is a clear indication of this.

But to address him and parents in the summer of 2018 still feel. "We always had a very good relationship with Bez Wohlen and the teachers there, there is a very good school," said the parents in the district court in Bremgarten, where they were interviewed by the president of the court Lukas Trost was on the event that held the soon cloudy good deal.

It was about a project week. The announcement was about a happy day in Alpamare. That would fit the student quite well. What followed, found less interesting. It is intended to visit the UMA school (small uninhabited asylum seekers) in Aarau, the following day of preparation and on the third day of the return of young asylum seekers' visit to Wohlen.

Class of school UMA in Aarau with teacher Benno Straumann. A visit to the Wohler Bez project week was published here. (Archive) photo: az Aargauer Zeitung

According to the parents, her son had had negative experiences with asylum seekers and therefore did not see the more intense meaning of dealing with this matter.

Parents said they had a political element: "It was also about other classes that host more attractive project weeks. One class traveled to Geneva, one mission made a mountain farmer help because our son felt disadvantaged. »

It is worth mentioning the parents in court that the school class must raise money to allow the young people of the UMA the bus journey for the return to Wohlen visit. The class would have collected money for a final trip, which was not performed due to lack of time. "That was also our son tired," said the accused mother.

On conversations during parents' evening, correspondence was followed and refusal to apply for a dispensation. Nevertheless, he remained the 16th week in the home week of the project. "She has decency and demonstrates a commitment, but he also has a strong opinion. He should apply a little and that's why we support him," said the father, a SVP politician.

He said: "But we were outside the question that he would rest for a week now. He made a social service in Reusspark and he had to work in my store for two days."

This alternative had also offered the school, but he was not even discussed there, the father was eager: "Everything could have been sorted differently. & Sorry he had come to court proceedings.

Other parents were punished

If children stay away from school lessons, the school will inform them and their parents will be punished. A 700 francs penalty and a 600 frank penalty for the father and the same amounts to the mother in this case were the prosecution of the prosecutor Muri-Bremgarten.

They were not the only ones: Three other stages of parents, whose children did not take part in the project week, were punished immediately.

Not everyone has passed the decision to the class court. "It's about the result," said the father, "we do not feel guilty. We only supported our son because we respect his own opinion. "

The parent's guardian advocated – among other things – with this argument for a conviction: «This is about a self-confident young man with the best grades, who determined his position, that & # 39; Take part in this project week. He has decided, not his parents. He only supported his actions and certainly can not be punished. "

The school's pure power display?

Although the defense lawyer continued to refer to the term "theological project week", he also said: "Parents did not keep their son away from the project week for political reasons; the son decided for different reasons not to participate there. »

All the thing, the lawyer thought, was above all demonstrating power from the school: "They wanted to show the family again when the Barti got the need – two weeks before the end of the school.

The President of the Lukas Court Opposite saw different things and pleaded guilty to the couple's offense against the law of law: "This is not about politics," he said in his short judgment, "and he does not Whether the project week was good or less good. "

He goes, a consular continued, to enforce the law of the school. "It does not like to be in the treatment hair at school, where you can cancel an appointment at short notice. There are clear rules in the school."

The purpose of the project week is also subject to the assessment of this case: "You can discuss the purpose of Tempo 80, but you still have to stick to this limit," said Trost.

According to school law, parents are required to encourage their children to attend the school on a regular basis: "It is not possible to stay at home because of mathematics or another subject. You stick to the rules, otherwise you'll be punished. "(

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