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Basel area has a new queen

March 27th, 2018

Viviane Steffen wins the Swiss Jassmeisterschaft

At the end of the Swiss Jassmeisterschaft tournament in Zug, 23-year-old bankers, Viviane Steffen, qualified among 120 finalists round the final four. There she secured the queen title of the Swiss Jas with a clear point leader.

Ulrich Fluri

"Now the cards must be placed on the board!" That's tenor "Blick" to Swisslos two years ago. Although Switzerland is a Jass nation, you do not know who was the largest asset in our national sport. As a result, a Swiss championship was launched. Since last Sunday, we know: Viviane Steffen of Bretzwil is the best and can wear the crown for a year like Queen Jass. After the Federal Council eliminated …

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