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Andrea Dovizioso wins a chaotic race in Valencia / SPEEDWEEK MotoGP



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In an incredible final season of the season, which had to be cut off due to rain, Andrea Dovizioso claimed his fourth win the season ahead of Alex Rins. KTM Pol Espargaró leader celebrated his first podium third

Maverick Vineyards or pollen went to the final of the MotoGP 2018 Championship and the best of their Valentino Rossi team team was worsened at the championship site. Viñales was fourth in the table with 193 points before the Ricardo Tormo circuit and Rossi had finished third with 195 points. However, Italy started the 16th place. As well as Viñales, Alex Rins (Suzuki) and Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) in the front row.

Start: Alex Rins is winning the race, while Viñales goes away. Dovizioso stays second, third, in the Espargaró stomach, which comes from the sixth place onwards.

Round 1: Rinsin returns as the leader of the first round. Dovizioso is already 2.2 seconds ago on the Spaniard. Viñales dropped back to third, Marc Márquez was fifth.

Round 2: Márquez passes Viñales, Rossi is already seventh. Aleix spread out, when he began eighth, accidents.

Round 4: Marc Márquez pushes in the past Pol Espargaró and third. Her leader's gap is 4.5 seconds. Jack Miller is on the way up and could already leave Viñales and Rossi behind. But this is a sudden ending when Australia exaggerates and draws off.

Lap 5: Lüthi works on her way up and is on the 15th. That would be the first point of the World Cup to Switzerland this year. At the top, Rins is 4.2 seconds ahead of Dovizioso and 5 seconds ahead of Márquez. Valentino Rossi joins Viñales and finishes the fifth, while both knights Ducati Michele Pirro and Petrucci fall within seconds.

Round 6: The rain is stronger and after Tom Lüthi and Petrucci destroy Marc Márquez. The Spider flies in a high arc on the tarmac and he must give it up after he injures himself again on the shoulder.

Round 7: Rinsin is 3.2 seconds ahead of Dovizioso, the third in Rossi in front of Viñales, Iannone, Morbidelli, Zarco, Pedrosa, Smith and Nakagami. The 11th is a Bautista before Lorenzo and Syahrin. Stefan Bradl runs 15th.

Round 9: Andrea Iannone turns in turn 12 and grits to the grit. The Italian travels to the fifth place at the time of the accident. Morbidelli has now reached site 5 and Pedrosa is sixth.

Round 11: Rossi gets faster and faster and takes Dovizioso one tenth second after the other. Its backlog is only 2.9 seconds on the Ducati.

Lap 12: Morbidelli is the next driver whose deadly conditions are. The Italian fails and throws its best possible result of the season.

Round 13: Rossi continues to rise on Dovizioso. The distance between the two drivers is only 0.8 seconds and Dovizioso is only 0.3 seconds behind rinsen.

Round 14: The accidents continue: Even Viñales and Smith after accidents. Rinsen is only a third. Dovizioso is in front of Rossi. They disrupt the rising rain, but indicate that the conditions are undesirable. The race director looks and breaks the race.

For the new start grid, the order after the 13th round is: 1. Rinsins, 2. Dovizioso, 3. Rossi, 4. Pedrosa, 5. Zarco, 6. Nakagami, 7. Bautista, 8. Pol Espargaró, 9 Redding, 10. Syahrin, 11th Lorenzo, 12th Bradl, 13th Pirro, 14th Abaraham, 15th Towers.

Bradley Smith (KTM) was accidentally at the time, but managed to get KTM back into the pool lane within the prescribed 5 minutes, so he can ride again.

After you break a good half an hour, it will be restarted. The track is still partially under water, but the rain has slowed down so far that reboot is possible.

Start: Rins also win the reboot, Dovizioso, Rossi following the Spanish in the first corner. Behind them is Pol Espargaró, Pedrosa and Nakagami.

Round 2: Dovizioso moves Rins of the past and drives 0.3283 seconds in front of the Suzuki. Rossi is 0.759 seconds behind Spain.

Lap 3: The rain strengthens again and the lap time is more than one second slower than in the previous lap. The first three can break away from those who follow. Rossi's four four sparrow pole is already 5.340 seconds. Stefan Bradl is 13 years old.

Round 4: Dovizioso, Rinsen and Rossi divide only 0.824 seconds, the space on Spreader has grown to more than seven seconds. Pedrosa drives only 0.8381 seconds behind the KTM.

Round 5: Rossi is falling slightly and is 1.7 seconds behind Rins. Stefan Bradl hangs Syahrin at the back. The Germans shared 0.220 seconds only by Yamaha Malaysia. In the meantime, the first three give more gas and Dovizioso with 1: 41.9863 the fastest race game.

Lap 7: Rossi attacks Riniau and walks past. The Yamaha driver is second, just 1.8 seconds behind Dovizioso.

Lap 7: Rossi continues to put pressure on the Ducati in front of him, and Brad loses only nine thousand thousand seconds second on Redding – and the Honda driver has expired and in the 12th place.

Round 8: Bautista Breaks at Bradley Smith on Turn 12, giving Jordi Torres' point into the World Cup cup. The Spanish is last but also 15.

Round 10: Rossi has dropped back to three seconds behind Dovizioso, Rinses drive 1.5 seconds behind Italian. The remaining Pol Espargaró on Rinsins is 7.1 seconds.

Round 11: Rossi's casualties in turn 12 can rise again, but fall back to the 13th place.

Lap 12: Dovizioso has increased its gap to Rins to 5.7 seconds. KTM's driver, Pol Espargaró, is third that his teammates will be seventh for KTM.

Round 14: Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) crosses the edge line just under five seconds before Alex Rins (Suzuki). Pol Espargaró (KTM) is third in spite of the fall in the first part of the race, 4th Michele Pirro (Ducati), 5th Dani Pedrosa (Honda), 6th Takaaki Nakagami (Honda), 7th Johann Zarco (Yamaha) 8th Bradley Smith , Stefan Bradl is ninth.

Result of MotoGP Valencia:

1. Dovizioso
2. Rinsins
3rd Espargaró pole, KTM
4. Pirro
5. Strip
6. Nakagami
7. Zarco
8. Smith, KTM
9. Bradl
10. Syahrin
11. Redding
12. Lorenzo
13. Rossi
14. Abaraham
15. Torres

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