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Ampunition of AMS shares for notice from Apple Lumentum supplier | 11/12/18


The manufacturer's shareholder shares come Friday under significant sales pressure.

In the local trade there is a valuable warning and a profit notice of the sensor maker of the United States Lumentum. Like Ams, Lumentum also contributes elements of 3D recognition to Apple's latest iPhone models.

After morning holders climbed to 39.14 francs trading early, at 15.21 o'clock they dropped 11.5 percent to 34.03 francs. The daily low prices are even 33.82 francs. However, the overall market (SPI) has lost 0.6 percent well over closing on Friday.

According to observers, there has been evidence for a considerable amount of time, according to the sales of the new iPhone models in the Apple, large customers can not expect. The Japan news agency, Nikkei, only reported at the beginning of November, plans from both Foxconn and Pegatron suppliers not to increase production lines for the iPhone XR.

The seller of the supplier Lustwm is now temporarily warned of the sale and profit of the supplier, which is said by local observers. After an unknown large buyer recovers less components, LUMTEUM is still waiting in the current fourth quarter with a turnover of $ 335 to 355 million after 405 to 430 million dollars of and so on. The earnings range per share is reduced to $ 1.15 to $ 1.34 from $ 1.60 to $ 1.75.

Lumentum is considered one of the leading suppliers of laser sensors for the 3D face recognition feature on the iPhone X as well as the new three iPhone models. As additions also contribute components for this function, negative conclusions are now being removed on the local sensor maker.

With a fall of almost 62 percent since the beginning of January, shares or Swiss stock exchange are among the last ones to fall this year. Only in the second half of October, the securities were punished with price losses for marginal forecasts for the last quarter.

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