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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Is Saudis stuck behind the leak?

Since the beginning of the year, Amazon's head, Jeff Bezos, is fighting with negative news. This is due to text messages between him and his new girlfriend. These have come to the public. But the big question is how.

What is undoubtedly really being said quickly: earlier this year, the tabloid "National Enquirer" in the US announced private messages between Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, presenter Lauren Sanchez. In addition to this, the Bezos newspaper has made more black material. Soon before, the Amazon manager had separated from his long-time wife. The compromise material throws bleak light on the richest man in the world.

So far the facts. But what we follow now sounds more like an exciting movie. According to security consultant, Gavin De Becker, the Saudi government is behind the news release. De Becker was hired by Bezos to investigate the leak and extortion. Now he found it: Saudi Arabia hacked the Amazon controller smartphone and then sent private data to the company of Inquiry. How the Saudis were on the track, describing De Becker on the website "The Daily Beast".

The brother was a wrong track

The reason for the act of spying Saudi was the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi († 59). The Washington Post, owned by Bezos, has repeatedly reported on the background of the case, and in particular the contribution of the Saudi royal family. In return, Saudi Arabia wants to harm Bezos. In February, however, the kingdom denied that anything was about the story.

Somehow part of the relationship is the brother of Lauren Sanchez, the love of Bezos. As an informant he should have leaked the compromised material to the "Enquirer" and received 200,000 francs for it. De Becker also imagines that Sanchez has had his fingers in the game. But the security expert suspects that this is a wrong track set. By the Saudis?

A newspaper reveals its source

In response to De Becker's disclosures, American Media, the Spouse's husband, spoke last Sunday. His source is definitely Michael Sanchez, brother of Lauren Sanchez. In September 2018, he had given the tip to the tabloid for Bezos's relationship and his sister. In the next four months he has presented him with more material.

Now you wouldn't protect it as a source. The reason: Sanchez has discussed the report publicly repeatedly and is reproduced incorrectly. "A third party does not take part in the story," American Media said and so does not include Saudi Arabia's participation definitely.

Public statement by bin Salman

Crown Prince promises a penalty for khashoggi killing

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