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Amanda Bynes reveals his drug past


He has been drugged through the day and was captured in a "sad, sombre" world: actor Amanda Bynes talks about his nervous analysis.

The former star of Amanda Bynes's child (32) has had casual years. The former actor made headings in 2013 with drug surprises, strange phrases and strange behavior. In the same year he was accused of jeopardizing disgrace and possession of marijuana after she dropped her hookah of the 36th floor. When she then gave a neighbor a fire in the way, Bynes was sent mandatory to a psychiatric hospital.

In 2014, the Hollywood star was sentenced to a temporary prison sentence of three years. Her mother was used by the court until 2020 as a guardian. Amanda Bynes is just talking about that time – and the drugs she's eating.

"I started to smoke as a marijuana when I was 16. Although everyone thought that I was the good girl. From then on, I smoke marijuana," he said in the magazine "Paper". "I was not tired and then there was no abuse. I was not a party and I was ridiculous … not yet." He experimented with MDMA and Ecstasy and cocaine was compared. "I've tried a cocaine three times, but I've never arrived high," said the former actor candidally.

She's throwing a movie because of tablets

In 2007, the former star "Nickelodeon" read about the Adderall prescription drug, used in ADHD and narcolepsi. «He said the article that women took to remain thin. I thought, I have to have that. "She had prescribed the drug when she went to a psychiatrist and was fake" symptoms of hyperactivity disorder lack attention. "

In 2010 she had to cancel because of her pill use even filming the movie "Pass Pass". "I can remember how I hide some pills and it was scattered. I can not focus on my text and do not remember anything," he said. "The mixture of the fact that I did not like my eyesight and I was so loud that I can not remember my text", causing her to break her active engagement. "I remember seeing myself on screen and spinning. I thought that my arm looked so fat and ran from the mind that looked awful."

«It became a dark, sad world»

In the same year, Bynes starred in the comedy "Easy A". Here was the start of her sow: "I could not stand in the movie, I did not like my work in it. When I saw it, I was absolutely convinced that I had to give it # 39 , the best to act, "said Bynes. In June 2010 she was acting. After that, he did not have "no meaning in life": "I got up and got up high and I washed through the day. I was hanging with stupid people and take a lot of drugs. It became a dark, sad world. "

In her worst time, Bynes kept fiercely with hard jobs on Twitter. "I'm very embarrassed about the things that I said. If so, I'll turn back. I'm sorry for everyone I hurt and worry about, it's really disappears to me. He makes me sick, sad, and that makes me feel terrible, "said Bynes. "Everything I've worked for all my life has been injured by Twitter somehow."

"As if it were the possession of an alien of my body seized"

Amanda Bynes has been abstaining for almost four years now and studying at the Fashion Design and Marketing Institute in Los Angeles. "The days when I've experimented with drugs have passed. I'm not sorry for it and do not miss it, because I'm shame today about how I behave under the influence of it, "said Bynes. "When I stop drinking, I was completely normal again and immediately realized what I had done – it seemed as if an alien had taken possession of a # 39; m body. It was a weird feeling. »(Kad)

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