Thursday , January 20 2022

Alibaba earns $ 10 billion on Individual Day – in an hour


How did 2158 billionaires of the world make their money? These graphics show you

The Billionaires 2018 Report published today by UBS and PWC gives an insight into the super-rich world. The most important findings in the overview.

In 2017, a total of 2,158 people around the world could call themselves billionaires or billionaires – 179 more than in the previous year. Especially many new people come from Asia. The highest concentration of billionaires assets, however, still shows the United States.

In total, the world's billionaires own $ 8.9 trillion. On average, 4.1 billion a billion. As compared to the previous year, their assets increased by 19 per cent – the largest ever measured increase.

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