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Alarm, naked prostrates and tears in Morocco – Can Adela take up the Clive Bachelors? – Illustration & Swiss


Arm (almost) to break, broken hearts and deeper. In the sixth episode "The Bachelor" Adela Smajic tries to bring some peace in the Zicken war war. Will you succeed? Guess you!

Start with a peak – or the low point: Mia, the queen of ghetto Slash, Kim Kardashian doubles in the sixth episode "The Bachelor" on Monday on 3+ on the single date with Clive Bucher, 26, almost over without. When she finally pays enough money for silicon breasts, she can do without fra. So it's a result of the blasting Mia flashing in the romantic tête-à-tête under the tight shirt. And flashing. And flashing.

The 22 year olds scheme opens. Although it does not come to the smooching, but a kiss with heart is enough. A "serious" talk to the Bussi. The Bachelor wants to know why Mia has pulled back a bit. She's talking about something. The light is: Mia is too busy with competitors. It's not a long time to fight Clive's heart.

Drama of accidents in the desert

And so the disturbance ends almost dramatically: Mia must almost pack the luggage after the night of the roses. The terrible Enfant succeeds in getting the last rose. Which – logically – not surprised, because she sees – logically – already as a winner.

Few less on the side of the victory of life in this episode, Clive is dancing itself. That's what happens in the desert. When you drive with Sanja, 26, as a traveler. Both races are too fast around the boxes. Sanja does not think, Clive in the meantime does not go badly. The insurance consultant exhausted his arm. And he's lucky in good luck. No cut. Still hurts a lot. But real Indian knows no pain.

Fabienne, and Super-Petze

However, most episodes are different: Clive has got Adela Smajic, 26, flying in. The pre-Bachelorette is for the girls on the teeth and finds out who's there because of the love and who because of the Fames or steep Influencer career. But that does not happen. As soon as the pre-Bachelorette is there, it's already squeezed. In front: Fabienne's ongoing victim, 25. Lucerne's daughter uses the opportunity to tell Adela that she's at hand know that Maria, 28, has fallen in love with & Germany soon.

Adela does what a faithful bachelorette needs to do: he does notify Clive. This matches Maria. The first disputes are, but then the ducks because of "nothing serious" and so. At the end Fabienne and Maria get the black rose. Anyone who has one of them must compete against each other in the next episode at the date of the treesome. The Bachelor sends a candidate back home immediately after the meeting. Although Fabienne disappears in tears, Maria puts herself cool and composes. Every facade or heart of glass?

What else happens in the episode is very bacheloresk: It's coming back to a boat party, where the Bachelor should recognize the women on their boat. Boring. As part of this Sause, Clive tries to mediate between the Mia and Ana battles, 26. A little bit of effort to forgive. Especially as Clive Ana finally sent home.

Also, the Carolin, 26, and German package jacket must have. That came later and failed to integrate. Sorry, sorry, but we will not lose it. Oh, before we farewell here with the Füdli image, let's point one final single date: After Amanda, 21, the date of Mia and Clive accidents, land the good clive and carry in the spa pool. Where they make out. We suspect some that Amanda will be slow but it clearly clears the field from behind.

With these words and the following image, we farewell for this week and take a deep breath for the seventh episode, which will fly on 3+ next Monday at 8:15 pm.

See which candidates are still fighting for Bachelor Clive Bucher:

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