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Aggressive charm – Huawei creates thousands of research centers in Switzerland – News


Charming offensive – Huawei creates a thousand research centers in Switzerland – News – SRF

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  • The Huawei Chinese network and smartphone network manufacturer wants to create a thousand research centers in Switzerland.
  • Huawei also wants to invest several million francs in research centers in Switzerland over the next few years.
  • This is what Huawei Swiss Vice President Felix Kamer told SRF as part of the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF).

The plans for research centers in Lausanne and Zurich have been known since last summer. What is new, however, is the number of jobs and the amount of investment by Huawei. Only yesterday Felix Kamer returned with this knowledge of Shezen, where Huawei headquarters.

Huawei in the US is under pressure

The fact that Huawei has communicated this today may be associated with the Chinese group that is being put under pressure by sanctions imposed by US President Donald Trump. Last week, the US gave a black list of the Chinese technology group. Therefore, the business controls between US and Huawei companies are subject to strict controls.

Due to the US sanctions, Google and the ARM chip manufacturer have already given the best to business relations with Huawei.

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