Monday , July 4 2022

After foreign smooching: Bachelorette-Rico does not repent


"Maybe he would have come to a sober kiss," he admits. "The waitress saw me up with her eyes." So he thought he would give her what she wanted. What we regret when looking back at him, however, is his departure. "Suddenly I wouldn't have cut out so arrogant slogans."

It means, for example, the statement: "If she doesn't want me, she has lost herself." Rico also emphasizes that he is more of a bad boy with a heart. «In a relationship my faithful soul». If you trust a woman, we do everything for her. "But I don't want one that sounds with 20 men." Still: As one, he himself is not a child of sadness and he travels a lot like K1 fighters around: "At the moment I enjoy my life."

Those who have to go the next night of roses, on Monday 27 May, are at 20.15 clock on 3+.

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