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After contamination through the puddle – Regional News: Bern & Region


The access to the theater is only worth the stage plan. The last time this happened two years ago was when the director of the German director Ersan Mondag visited the facility as the main attraction "The Annihilation".

Moonlight is another sort of thing. Where the Doreen Back stage does not cover actors and history, but it's perfectly fitted to "moonlight" from 1993 by Harold Pinter (1930-2008). Vidmar 1 is under water. There are already a few centimeters, staff and props are wet. Bed, telephone, wheelchair, wheel, clothing rack.

Scrambled eggs for grubby

Water in night and night (light: Rolf Lehmann) carries the complex atmosphere in the text between the dream and the wake up state. The winner of the British Nobel Awards, Harold Pinter, describes in "Moonlight" the old Andy grinder (Stéphane Maeder), who dies for a theater night.

She's astonished with the wife of Bel (Chantal Le Moign), which incredible abrasive eggs (but staged). "Now, she also scores for me, my own wife, on my bed of death." Although he falls on it, he is eager to explain his ex-Maria Maria (Lilian Naef) and demand his sons as "Schnorrer and pharasites, they suck the tits of the state empty!

All this sounds unreal, and more than once in the night, one marvels what this all means and what's happening there. But you want to hear this enigmatic text. The environment – the shameless daughter, both sons, the ex-girlfriend and the strange friend Andy, former amateur football center Ralph (Andreas Matti) – are working on the Patriarch.

It's done in confusing dialogues and surreal views. Everything falls to the water sometime. The molding company promotes an expressive game. The actresses and actors stand in the grape puddle for two full hours, where larger and larger paperboats drift.

The trumpet Sonja Ott, who contributes extensively to the lovely atmosphere, has folded the booths in their holiday play from the sheet music. Who does not believe that an individual tube can breathe life to death and vice versa: Yes, even Residues appear to be just the value of the access.

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At the work of Johannes Lepper, Maeder and Le Moign stand out. When they play, the light flashes out of the mist. The other five roles are also staffing hard. HKB Sebastian Schulze and Daniela Luise Schneider students are definitely holding up with high level.

Despite the stage, the trumpet and theatrical performance: The first audience seems to be split during the fight. Here Bravorufe, then surprised faces. Those who need stringent action in the theater are long for orientation. For everyone else they have experience, with photos that do not dry out so fast. (Berner newspaper)

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