Tuesday , January 25 2022

Access to the market of Juul to Switzerland is about to happen


Access to the market is not easy: In the US, the FDA is already talking about "epidemic," according to the magazine Der Spiegel. "I will not let a generation of children get addicted to e-cigarettes," said Scott Gottlieb, FDA manager. The FDA has issued extensive sales restrictions.

Switzerland is a focus

The regulation of e-cigarettes in Switzerland is also worried about the local legislator. There is a new law for tobacco products in the consultation. It should take effect in mid 2022 and also regulate e-cigarettes.

Juul's interest in Switzerland is fierce. The Nicotine kidney should be sold annually this year. The company of the name Juul Labs Switzerland is the vehicle for this – "pure value organization", as it is called neighboring companies. He reported the "Handelszeitung". A Seller of a Retailer, who has already e-cigarettes from other suppliers in his range, says he is constantly testing new products. "We are in touch with their providers."

Juul Labs Switzerland is registered in Switzerland since September 24. Among other things, it deals with the distribution of "electrical evaporators of plant material, download software for mobile devices used with verbal evaporator" and "adjustment of rigid temperature upgrade "via the Internet.

Use controversial by teenagers

Not only is the controversial selling practices of Juul in the US who are challenging for market access, in terms of selling to young people. But also the nicotine content is sometimes high that Juul is known to them. Its products have much higher nicotine concentrations in the US than elsewhere: up to 54 milligrams. In the US, most vendors have between 10 and 25 milligrams of nicotine in the cartridge.

In Europe, Switzerland is only allowed for only 20 milligrams. The selling advantage in the USA is not given in this country. Juul can not sell the cartridge in Europe. The nicotine effect sought by the users is often weaker or weaker. What's the rest of Juul is the cool factor. The average age of smokers in this country is about forty years.

So far, Juul has a very young audience in the US market and knows the problem: "We want to make our products only used by smokers for adults," said a spokesman. say, "We are committed to working with local regulators."

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