Thursday , September 29 2022

20 minutes – "Then it's becoming a jam"


What happened to Kei Nishikori?
I found the feeling that we both had trouble in the first set. As it happens often in the first round. In the second set, the level was better, but unfortunately, I can not defend my early warning. The key was probably the ten minutes from the end of the first set to 1-1 in the second. It was a typical indoor game with a few opportunities. And one that used them was similar.

They had been struggling with the whole week training in return. Is this your main problem?
My plan, how to return, was definitely correct. But I did not get the way I wanted at first. That happens from time to time. Then it becomes chronic. But then you have to see that you can somehow force it at the right time. I still felt that I should have won the first set. There was the chance there. And in the service I was quite confident. But in the fighting game Nishikori played a few miracles of miracles. That's why he deserves that.

They are not used to losing the final ATP final game. How do you deal with it?
I must tick it as soon as possible. That's why I came straight to the conference to the press. And when I'm away from the plant, I'm looking forward. Now I have a day off, I have to take me what was good, and analyze what I have to do better.

He continues on Tuesday against Dominic Thiem, against which you have a 1: 2 balance. What do you expect from this game?
Well, the balance does not have to mean much. We have not played each other for a long time (the last time in 2016). I did not see the Thiem game, I was on my way here. I must play it better against it. I have already disappointed me with performance. It can happen, but it should not. I'm looking forward to the game against Thiem, it also plays with a lot of variation, sometimes with a chic, sometimes with a slice, sometimes with a power. I have to play technically smart, too.


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