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20 minutes – The population can not reach the billion Billionaire


"In the Meadow Circus, Chilbi will have attractions such as a truck wheel, a bumper and slippery slide," said Christian Gartmann, spokesman for the Indian wedding couple. This is just an insight into the bachelor's party Akash Ambani, the son of Mukesh Ambani multi-billion, and the Shloka Mehta fiancée. Contrary to reports in the India media, the celebration does not take place on the 23rd but only on February 24 at St Moritz. The pre-marriage party should hold three days.

"The Ambani and Mehta families look forward to the forthcoming celebrations in St Moritz," said Gartmann. Both families would travel to the Swiss resort for many years and are fascinated by the beauty of the environment. "Besides, she was here at St Moritz, where

Long friendship became romance and love. »

Drones for a light show

In front of the parcels on the circus meadow, around 850 guests can enjoy themselves on a type of fairground. According to Gartmann, among other things, there is a truck wheel and charcole with arms that are already up-to-date. In addition, the own flat flat park will also "Peter Pan Show" be performed. "It's like it's like Holiday on Ice," said Gartmann. Amongst the guests are Hollywood stars as well as different stars from Bollywood. Who will be there, is currently being kept confidential.

There has already been a fixed program for the three days. 20 minutes is now a rough timetable. Sunday is supposed to shine Sunday night at an air show. "For this purpose, many drones are used," said the couple's spokesperson. The next day, amazing fireworks will illuminate the night's air over San Moritz.

Cricket on a lush lake

The events are held on the Circus Meadow, the Llyn St. Moritz has to freeze, the tennis center at St Moritz Bad and the Hotel Badrutt Hotel and a park. Gartmann said: "During the day, guests will also be entertained on the slopes of St. Moritz or playing cricket on the lake after freezing." In addition to St. Moritz, about 500 additional employees look after the wellbeing of the guests these days. These include guest assistants, boutiques, chefs for Indian and international specialists, artists, logistics, stage specialists and security guards.

Administrative barriers

Much of the hustle and bustle are unlikely to be publicized. As Gartmann says, the organizers had wanted to open the Chili to the people at least one afternoon. The idea has failed to end because of administrative barriers. "The insurance was the problem," said Gartmann. "If such an event is done in public, you would need aprons in advance of the rail and journey." This was not possible at short notice.

"Sad," said a young woman from St. Moritz. She would have liked to go to the bar. So, just as always is the jet installed in St. Moritz celebrates: "Local people stay outside."

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