Friday , August 19 2022

20 minutes – Raser Record gets back back


On the A7, Thurgau held the police on Sunday, February 10 in the direction of Kreuzlingen rapidly controlled. She was racing into the net: The motorist was moving 249 km / h on the highway – 120 were allowed. "That's probably a new negative record," said spokesman Matthias at the time.

Then the 34-year-old Germany of Baselland's canton must give the best Seat Seat of the Cupra Seat, as the police wrote in a message at the time.

But now, even two weeks later, he got back. "The car has been released again, as the conditions for seizure are no longer fulfilled," quotes the messenger of the south prosecutor of Erich Wenzinger Zurich. It does not explain which prerequisites are considered.

The Office of the Prosecutor has opened a case

But even if the Raser has his car back, he must leave it in the garage. Because even his driving license is seized. In the prosecutor, Winterthur / Unterland runs a case against the 34-year-olds, writes the portal. This is because the crime occurs in the canton of Zurich, which the highway goes through.

The cantonic police of Thurgau cares for the whole A7, including the Zurich land section. "However, the local prosecutor's office is always legally responsible," explained Mario Christen, a canton police spokesman in Thurgau for 20 minutes.


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