Saturday , January 23 2021

20 minutes – neighborhood dispute triggered police action in Thun

Since 14 clock police are operating on a large scale in Allmendingen near Thun. As the "Blick" writes, the officers are wearing protective vests and submachine guns. They should move between front gardens and houses.

You should now keep this number in your contact list, because you can send photos and videos to the 20 minute editor via Whatsapp.

The reason should be a neighborhood dispute that worsened Monday afternoon. This tells a resident about 20 minutes. Two neighbors, who have been fighting together for a long time, are supposed to fight again and violently. Both participants will go to two gentlemen who have previously attacked with flammable sprayers, Petarden and pepper.

To the other neighbors, this dispute is extremely stressful: "Every day, something happens here," said one Thunerin, who operates a hairdressing business as well as a; r affected land. In addition, the hairdresser is also very angry: “Slowly, the whole thing is harmful to business. My customers are afraid of this exchange. »

The use continues

The police confirmed a request to be placed in the suburb of Tun. The staff forces were disengaged from a message to Allmendingenstrasse, said in the police. At the moment we are open, if something had happened to someone. Details cannot be published, however.

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