Thursday , August 18 2022

20 minutes – Lisa and Lena delete their Tiktok account


Lisa and Lena (16) announced Saturday with an Instagram job that they will unwork their Tiktok account. This message is astonishing: The identical twins of Stuttgart won global recognition with the Lip Sync platform and, with nearly 33 million subscribers, led the most successful Tiktok account.


Do you have a TikTok account?

How we work: t Please install the latest version of the 20 minute app. On the home screen, tap the top three tabs, then the gear. At the bottom of "Themes", you push the bolt to the right in "People" – it's already running.

By the way, the 20 minute People team is also on the road at Instagram.

In addition, Tiktok is one of the most successful apps of our time: The stage, which was known until last August and before acquisition by the Chinese giants ByteDance technology under the name, is indispensable to & # 39. Most Z Generation phones. According to the Business Insider, in 2018 even the downloaded app is the largest.

Lisa and Lena's decision to delete their account, because many of their fans are incomprehensible. Here are three reasons why Germany's social media stars have taken the step.

Lisa and Lena don't want to repeat themselves forever in the Tiktok Dance Sync link. "We felt she was moving forward," the twins said in a letter with handwriting to their 14 million Insta followers. "We're getting older and our interests change," they're writing. A: They would keep in touch with their community through Instagram, Youtube and Twitch.

The fans show understanding, but for some, the decision comes suddenly: "I never thought you'd stop once. But thanks for your time on Tiktok," is one of & t The comments on Instagram.

For Daniel Koss, CEO of Swiss Agency, Yxterix, this is clearly a strategic business step. It's a good time to stop. "They had the biggest account in the world and they would definitely be overtaken in the future. Now they can make a promotion with him again," Koss said. Imagetechnisch would be cool to stop when you are at the top.

Last Sunday, a day after the Tiktok was announced, Lisa and Lena were in Instagram's story again to the subject, because "many people still don't understand", why they have removed Tiktok. "We are grateful for the 32.7 million people who followed us, but we don't want to support an app that isn't safe."

I suppose they were referring to the privacy scandal, with the Tiktok in the US a few weeks ago making headlines: The app's guides did not meet the child protection and got Tiktok without parental consent names, email addresses and other data under 13- year-old pupils are used, as the US Federal Trade Commission on 27 February.

The result: The Chinese company had to pay 5.7 million dollars in buses and tighten the guidelines. The minimum age has now been introduced: Who wants to use the social media platform must be at least 13 years old.

Winterthur Police City is warning in a statement that Tiktok can be problematic in terms of child protection. Increasingly, children are being exposed, insulted or bullied on the network, despite "Tiktok", services that Apply to app are. The city council advises that parents should look carefully and go to the grip of the issue with their children.

The more followers have an influencer, the more money he or she can charge for each paid job. This is also true with Tiktok, but the possibilities on the video platform are much more limited: For example, you can't connect links to their profile or jobs, as in the case of Instagram.

As Tiktok can't upload videos up to a maximum of 15 seconds, it's much harder to promote sponsored products.

That's why many Tiktok stars use other social media platforms to make product locations. Lisa and Lena haven't said anything about the attitude – but another reason for their Tiktok is anyway. Expert Daniel Koss said: "Lisa and Lena want more attention on their other channels, where they earn much more through Brand collaboration."

In addition, both would evolve from their influential image – which can eventually bring higher fees, says Daniel Koss. "Currently many of the online world wants to lose this well-known image from the Internet."

In recent months, other Tiktok stars have also drawn a line with the hyped app: Comedian Bart Baker, who had nearly 5.2 million subscribers, has also disabled his account.

And the American Kristen Hancher, who is one of the best known consumers with 21.6 million subscribers, said in a job not only positive about Tiktok: "Since became Tiktok, the values ​​of The flat front has changed. And I don't agree with a lot of these values. "The clip was deleted from the platform.


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