Thursday , July 7 2022

20 minutes – Homeowners get half a million for 5G antenna


Swiss telecoms companies want to set up thousands of new mobile antennas. This is intended to expand the 5G network. As long as the radiation limits in Switzerland are not reduced, the existing antennas are not adequate.


How do you feel about 5G?

With a lot of opposition to new antennas in the Swiss population, the companies are willing to pay properly for the positioning of the radio masts. According to research "Blick", homeowners in urban locations can call around CHF 24,000 a year. If the contract runs for 20 years, that would be almost half a million francs.

In notable locations, as in the city of Zurich, there would be even 80,000 francs every year. A 20 year contract would be worth in case of such over 1.5 million francs.

The telecom companies do not reveal how much they pay effectively in individual cases. In Swisscom, only state that the company pays "fair market compensation". Salt calls the "Blick" figures are too high and unrealistic.

Homeowners consider proposals of this kind. Because according to the report, not only are there health concerns, but also the fear that the property will lose value due to an antenna on its own or the nearby roof. These doubts would often outweigh the financial compensation.

For the telecoms providers, the main question at this stage is whether the statutory radiation limits will be adjusted. If the rules were relaxed, companies would need fewer new antennas. It would be better for radiation opponents, however, if the legal restrictions were made even more stringent.

At present, the issue of radiation restrictions is “hot potatoes”, said Ralf Beyeler, a Telecom specialist from Moneyland for 20 minutes. No politician wants to touch them – certainly not before the elections. That is why the Radiation Protection Act should remain as it is for now, says Beyeler.


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