Sunday , August 7 2022

20 minutes – Air Prishtina's manager is Germania's new owner


Germany Flug AG comes to new hands. Swiss leader and Air Prishtina, Leyla Ibrahimi-Salahi, said over 100 percent said Germania's flight director, Pelzoni's Urs, opposite the AWP news agency.

He confirmed with him a report of "Handelszeitung" from Friday. "Yes, Ms. Ibrahimi-Salahi has actually acquired 100 percent of Flu Germania shares through his Albex Aviation investment company," said Pelizzoni. So far, it has not held any shares.

Only three cancers were canceled

This German tour was now on a sound new financial base. Air-Pristhina is a zero customer from Germany, Pelizzoni added. Air Prishtina offers European air travel to Kosovo and Macedonia.

Last March, the Swiss airline Germania announced, where Germanyia had a 40 percent share bankruptcy, had owned 100 per cent in Switzerland since mid February. No further details were submitted. Air operations have now been guaranteed for a year.

After Germania's German basement was founded at the beginning of the month, the Swiss sister company was in operation and since the beginning of the month, only three flights have been canceled to bring German sister line customers back .


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