Monday , January 17 2022

20 minutes – Advocate Generally rejected because of a baby from parliament


Basle's Grand Council has come on Wednesday afternoon according to media reports to exciting scenes. The reason for this was Lea Steinle's Principal Councilor's sleeping baby (31). The Council President Remo Gallacchi (CVP) did not have an understanding and the young mother referred out of the room. "We are parliamentarians here in the hall basically among us," he said according to the "bz Basel".


Should a member of the parliament be allowed to take a child to the Council Chamber?

Steinle could not take part in a ballot. For the intervention, many of Gallacchis did not have an understanding in the Council. "Warthus! That's different!": Bz Basel reports on a number of fierce interventions. After the event, the session had to be temporarily broken.

«This is discriminatory»

Finally, Gallacchi came back to the court following an order by Danielle Kaufmann (SP) for his decision and left Steinle back to the room. For the Green Adviser the subject has not yet done. "I've been elected by the people, but I've got rid of the right to vote in the hall. That is discriminatory," said Steinle at Basel Basel. Young mothers should also have the opportunity to sit in parliament.

"The event shows how far we are in terms of equality and reconciling work and family life," said Steinle at a 20 minute request. She had an extremely exceptional child: "It was an emergency situation."

The Council Office now explains legal position

The Legal Office now explains the legal situation. In fact, this case has not been specifically regulated. Steinle now wants to wait and see what the Council Office means. If "common sense" does not bear fruit, "of course we have to respond with an attempt".

Later at night, the following statement was posted on the Canton Basel-Stadt Twitter account: "The decision was tight. The council office will work out a pragmatic solution at the time of the next major council meeting."


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