Friday , March 5 2021

20 minutes – A woman kills, dismisses and serves a former partner

For many years, a Moroccan woman living in Al Ain (Saudi Arabia) and a partner were happy. Then she told her that he now wants to marry another. And that is, even though he had suffered him for seven years.

Siblings are misleading with protein molecules. If they reach human brain, the respective marriages of the body can bend in a type of domino effect, which in turn causes tissue and the brain to decline.

Symptoms include headache and memory problems, and then hypotheses, personality changes, paralysis and dementia. The disease leads to more and more errors and finally to the complete failure of all brain functions.

At the last stage, which can last for a long time, the affected ones continue in a kind of uncertainty with no possibility of connecting to the environment. Therefore, end-of-the-art patients are also called "The Living Dead".

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So his ex-partner was not enthusiastic and left his anger for the happiness of lost love running wild.

Now the 39-year-old is in court. She is accused of the first killer of her ex, and then evicted her in the mixer and finally fed her traces to construction workers and dogs. This is in the form of Machbus, a traditional dish of the region, as is writes.

Dant in the mixer

However, the police came to terms with them months later – because the 39-year-old was disregarding the exile teeth in the mixer. Only the officers found this when they were looking for the man who was now said as a missing man. The DNA analysis commissioned then eliminates the last suspicions: The tooth belonged to those sought.

To coincide with neighbor information. When compared to the Al Khaleej newspaper, they said that, for four consecutive nights, they had a lot of time that they had found the incredible odors of a "magnificent barbecue" that seemed like if she came out of the house of the wife.

It is not known how exact it is the 39-year-old who killed his partner. What is known is that she admits "moment of madness," as knows.

Human flesh can be dead

The case is not only sensitive in ethical and legal terms, but also health – for two reasons: human flesh is not very quantitative, as said by James Cole of the University of Brighton in "Scientific Reports" 2017: & # 39; 000 calories, it brings deer at least 163,000 calories.

In addition, cannibalism – the use of parts of the human body – is possible to be dead. In addition to the risks of diseases that are transported in the blood or pathogens, there is also a risk of holding "so-called" principles (see box), which was also behind & # 39; The BSE, who suffered from an empty cow disease, which kept Europe seamlessly in the 1990's.


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