Saturday , July 2 2022

20 mins – Meyer wants frequent travelers to pay more for the GA


According to an internal document of the national tariffs organization CH-Direct, from December 2021, the general subscription (GA) should be 10 per cent more expensive. Instead of 3860 francs today, an annual subscription would cost 4250 francs.

SBB CEO Andreas Meyer says in the "ECO Talk" program that has not yet been decided. ¬ęThis is an industry paper: 250 associations and transport companies who have to agree the tariffs.

Distinguish between frequent and minor users

Meyer's design goes towards an individualization. There are many people, "they have the GA for convenience. And if you make the general subscription more expensive, then one element of quality of life is missing." "The other extreme of people who came out of the GA mid-February. t "

The CEO of SBB sees the GAV price increase only if one can distinguish "between the Vielzunutzern and the Wenignutzern".

CHF 230 million for savings tickets

The SBB is currently dependent on expanding the Sparbillette. Five million were sold last year and a further 230 million francs were to be invested in this year's program, according to SRF.

The price of the GA is controversial. Three years ago, a study by the Litra public transport information service concluded that the GA is the cheapest option for commuters working more than 100 kilometers a day. According to figures from the Federal Statistical Office, around 74,000 public transport users belonged to this group in 2016.


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