Thursday , May 26 2022

We're drowned in data! In 2022 the world surfing is expected to reach 4.8 zettabytes per year


The Cisco Visual Networking Index annual report analyzes the world's internet traffic to determine how the internet and digital society will evolve in the near future. Now, the 2018 analysis was published, and for us private users, there are several interesting tensions to share.

Among other things, Internet traffic is expected in a few years to have a new young man on the plot in smartphones. Globally, our mobile phones today account for 18 per cent of traffic, while PC browsing is 41 per cent. In 2022, Cisco predicts that the relative is the opposite, with 44 percent smartphone browsing while the computer moves to 19 per cent. In comparison, 46 percent of readers surf with their phone, 44 percent with computers and 10 percent with a table.

Internet traffic is generally expected to be 396 exabytes, or 425 201 716 381 gigabytes, in the month when we reach 2022. It will be 4.8 zettabytes in a year, that is. In the same year, surfing will send more data than has been done so far over the life of the internet, if we count from 1984. The large data shutdown is expected to account for 82 per cent of traffic in three years.

Other areas that make their way to the stack data are online games, which are expected to increase the number of ninety four traffic, but our technicians and on-technicians also account for twelve strong increases . Gadgets for smart home in 2022 are expected to represent just over half of all global related devices. The average speed of our internet connections is then expected to be doubled from 39.0 Mbps to 75.4 Mbps.

The report reads interestingly interestingly, and you can find it in its entirety here.

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