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UPDATE: Burger King is doing a "Red Dead Redemption" campaign


Invites players to follow ingredients into "Whopper the West".

Very few people have lost the expected "Red Dead Redemption 2" TV game released at the end of October.

The game takes place in the wild west in 1899 and through the main character of Arthur Morgan, players can do anything in principle. From theft, pursuing and fleeing animals, tracking after-wanting offenders.

Although the game has been able to make a fire, Burger has not yet been able to grill it – Burger King wants to change.

By pursuing a cow, a pig and finding a piece of cheese and bread, players can collect into "whopper the west". Once the ingredients have been collected, players can scan the unique codes through to unlock "Whopper the West" for free.

Then, the coupon can be spread on one of the Burger King chains from all Sweden until today until 5 December. Behind the campaign is the relatively new Ingo Agency selected.

Iwo Zakowski, CEO of Burger King in Sweden, says that the idea has ended completely by Ingo.

"What I've helped is to understand that there is a big shift in the media in Sweden, and it's harder to reach younger and reach a high level of ill-health in regular television, and a growing and growing sport" he told Dagens Media.

Will we see more creative medieval games like Burger King's games in the future?

"It will definitely come out new campaigns, but if it's through TV games, I can not answer. It's important to find new things that are interesting and that people talk about them

Ingo, how did you get the idea?

"We play a game too much and talk even more about it during working hours. Björn asks us for advice through the time, it's just getting a bit awkward Then you will cook food over an open fire in the game, just like Burger King, so it fell naturally, says Max Hultberg, AD in Ingo to Dagens Media.

Max Hultberg tells us that the campaign is only rolling in Sweden and being communicated through YouTube, Facebook, printing and banners.

Has Burger King campaigned alongside famous TV games earlier?

"We know they've done some of the previous game work, among other things, they did a campaign last year in Spain where they started clan.

Agency: INGO Stockholm
Active Creative Director: Björn Ståhl
Copper: Magnus Ivansson
Art Director: Max Hultberg
Tech Director: Stefan Kindgren
Designer: Simon Stefansson
Production Manager: Erik Karlsson
Final art: Åsa Eklund
Client: Burger King
Iwo Zakowski
Erica Mattsson
PR: Delay to MSL

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