Wednesday , March 3 2021

Trailer increases the pressure on new "Lion King" – Pages

So far, the "Lion King" has been a success. The cartoon film of 1994 attracted almost $ 1 billion in the cinema (at today's rate of 9 billion SEK) and the music was named for the largest income generation show, with $ 6 billion (56 billion) only in ticket sales.

The second most seen

With the latest trailer for the recording that seems real life of the movie, expectations are even more anticipated.

The trailer was released last week, and became the second most watched 24-hour watch 24 hours, reciting weekly Entertainment. Another Disney show is the only trailer that shows more times during its first time; "Avengers: Infinity War", with 238 million views.

The director of Jon Favreau already knew before the release of the media trailer to make the classic film justice.

It's about giving the audience the experience they hope to get, and if you can be surprised along the way, they will enjoy even more. But you have to live up to expectations, so it's a bigger press with the real stories, "he said at a film festival last year.

The director made the "Jungle Book"

However, Favreau has received extensive warmth, through the unknown version of the "Jungle Book", which since its release in 2016 also recorded almost a billion dollars on the cinema.

The "Lion King" is the main performance this summer, and in the actor ensemble, Beyoncé, Seth Rogen and Donald Glover are mentioned. According to the record, the new recording, which will not use new data animations similar to the new "Jungle Book" recording, will be just recreational of the original movie, but including some new scenes.

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