Friday , November 27 2020

Three cars on fire – spread to primary school

At half past four on Sunday morning, a fire alarm came on Slättadammsgatan in Hisingen in Gothenburg.

The fire had started in a car parked on the spot.

– He then spread to two other cars in the car park, Thomas Fuxborg, told police in the west region.

The fire then spread to a preschool. where the facade was damaged.

The facade was damaged

– Fortunately, only the facade of the primary school was damaged. The rescue service had just had time to extinguish the fire before it had time to get more into the building, Fuxborg says.

He says there are no witnesses to how the fire started. It was only when the fire was going on that a witness found it and sounded the alarm.

Police are investigating the incident as vandalism by fire.

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