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I never thought I had laughed so much during an interview. For just over two hours. Pelle Sandstrak is sick. Very funny in a nuclear way. Do you join?

Many people did not understand the 6-year-old boy in Ovehalla in northwest Norway. He did so funny things. As if in the middle of winter pulling off the shoes, turn the upper body forward, bend the arms out and sound like Boeing every time a plane crosses the village across the Atlantic.

He was a very shy boy, but at the same time he won a game that hit the football field and always disrupted his classmates with strange sounds. What do you do with a child of this kind? the poor teacher's mind.

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Still, the childhood and the lower teens were quite personal. Pelle felt he had carbon cartridges inside. An asset that made him fast, suggestive, creative and spontaneous. Property that would prove to be excellent later on the dance floor and the stage.

Tourette syndrome did not currently exist. No-one in his environment knew what he was and not himself.

The dark clouds were shocked when Pelle moved as a 20-year-old girl to a flat in Oslo, and sometimes the carbon dioxide cartridges were accompanied by difficult obsessions.

His toilet visit was surrounded by burdensome rituals and washing that he thought nothing else. It took every nail now to clean.

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Yes, just laugh at it, it's fine. With humor like his sword, Pelle Sanstrak has taken a master of Tourette's syndrome, which doesn't stop him from beating his wings and growing like a Boeing when an airplane passes his head. Flight has fascinated childhood and its office is close to Saab airport.

– It took 7-8 hours to peel and 12 hours to peel. I gave the best to go to the toilet and to shower, to save time, and I managed to fulfill my needs in various plastic bags that I hung on the wall and then thrown away.

Type of logic in the middle of the sick?

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"Pelle is my best KBT and I've grown as a person with him on my side. But sometimes I go crazy about his ticks" says Johanna.

– Yes. When I stopped going to the toilet I had a life but I was dirty. The landowner discovered what I was doing and was evicted. I moved into a car to leave it in a factory area.

– This is my most difficult time. The mother and father sent money to the support of a psychologist. I bought food for the money, and for a time of amphetamine. I wore a sleeping bag out with a sharpener in the middle. I didn't see the least hope of hope for me.

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"Not doing something special is an occupation that has been seriously underestimated and the meaning of life lies in the interval between two events."

A radio program with Ulf Elving changed everything?

– He was involved in Tourette and Elving's syndrome interviewing the psychiatrist teacher Per Mindus who investigated obsessive compulsive disorder. I wrote to him and he searched me in Oslo. She needed a guinea pig and wanted to operate my brain.

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Pelle has published three books which have been translated into several languages ​​and led to lectures around the world.

– Then I was on a kind of detention, I had not shower for nine months and I had serious infections.

Implementing Your Brain?

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We are a real coffee maker and are happy to produce it in the old piece of Italian. The dream is a café itself.

– A type of modern lobotomy, capsulotomy, where you cut the nerve fibers in the skull. I had strong physics in his office in Karolinska, singing, spiking and pulling it in the nose. . . and then changed his job.

– He said you have talent – do not do well! "He thought I was intelligent and funny and the operation was postponed.

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The Zelda cat is flourishing with the pride house and has chosen to move in with the Sandstrak family.

Along with two other psychiatrists, Sten Levander and Lasse Kohnke, Per Mindus was given free freedom with the Pelle guinea pig. CBT was in its infancy and was very flexible.

The three buck took this Bruse with her into my brain and saved my life. It took six years to work back to life.

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– For example, I had cassette tapes if possible. Type "To go to the toilet" and then followed the instructions and trained my enforcement actions and rituals. It's probably not as much about psychotherapy, more about solid workmanship.

He got a job as a bull sorter and was kicked when he insisted on putting nine instead of eleven in each bag as the figure 11 reminded him of hell.

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He drove a car without a driver's license, but as the manager said, "no one still stops a car," and he still fires too much to drive people alive.

It soon became apparent that Pelle was on stage. He applied for the theater college, went into the first attempt and was fired after a week because he couldn't take orders or interact with others.

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Norrköpingsbor is easier to laugh than Linköpingsbor and the worry is those who hold the stock, if you ask Pelle to generalize a little.

It seems quiet that Pelle stands alone on stage.

He came to work on a standup and the Norrland Lasse Eriksson as his mentor.

After a while he started lecturing and writing books. During a lecture in Linköping he met Johanna who sat in the audience. Smack said only and this year she was ten years ago.

What is the trigger for the physics now?

– Long, long conversation pushes me out. I go on a particular word and repeat it. It is a mental myth that she must always be a word of sex, it can also be "the film spread milk".

Give an example example?

– Johanna and I were on a very boring lunch where a man from Katrineholm spoke to different voices about different types of wiring. It never ended. Suddenly I felt how good the word Katrineholm was in her mouth and I began to bombard him with questions where the place name was to be included in each one. How does CATRINEHOLM culture stand? How much do you live in HOLM CATRINE?

– Johanna was going mad, at the same time as she was having her hard to keep up with laughter. She immediately noticed when the wordtics started.

Will this also be affected?

– Yes, if I forgot my daily exercises, we should go away and have something red on it. Then I can get a tick and start to shock and get rid of her ex. She's getting a bit angry, but I think it's so funny.

How are you treating the tick?

– Antidepressants have never worked, only KBT. Twice a day, I do meditation exercises where I channel the tics to sing, play and act, like a patio in the hands, rather than making unusual sounds or movements. The tics are lowering the older one that gets, so after filling 90 I'll be normal.

Are there many people who self-medicate?

– Yes, and so Tourette's industry has broken cards in crime. I can't even drink alcohol, I have the opposite effect. "Wouldn't we have fun tonight?" Johanna can tell when I'm sitting completely down and pointless. The carbon dioxide cartridge is closing down.

– But I've been switched off from several pubs. When I was sober, ha ha!

Who are you lecturing?

– Others with compulsion, but all have a limited crowd. Now I'm in Ikea, Volvo, in municipalities, in theaters, anywhere in Sweden and abroad. It is about frequent issues, about getting to grips with life, about touching and inspiring people not to give up, no matter what difficulties or disturbances you have. Think of a world without diagnosis, my God so boring!

Your syndrome became your income?

– Sure. Before that, I had Tourette and anxiety. Now I have Tourette and VAT. From the inside of the inside.

What are you proud of?

– Having managed to be as healthy as I wish. I don't want to be uncontrollably normal and refer to someone who is in the middle of death.

Your biggest challenge in life?

– Without becoming a perfect father, it only damages the future of the children.

Describe yourself with five words.

– Self-centered, funny, friendly, vain, to Norwegian (negative).

The best book you read?

– The rescuer according to need J D Salinger. He gave me a lot of faith.

If you were traveling in time.

– Gladstone Hotel Bar in Toronto in 1934, with my wife Johanna on the chair next door. Exciting and exciting time, before hell begins.

Which one has your worst purchase?

– When I bought a surf board for SEK 15,000 as a newcomer. On reaching Linköping, my proposed wife asked why I had a surf board on the roof. I had no answer.

What do you prefer to do one day off?

– Make a cup of Sumatra coffee to roast it fresh, put me in the garden, do nothing until the cup is empty. Five hours later, we repeated the same ritual, though now with a Norwegian vanilla waffle. Then the TV series Seinfeld nonstop, indoors.

If you had to change something with yourself?

– Try to make me less fun in social contexts. Close, briefly.

Something you are particularly proud of?

– It's funny. I think.

Do you have any unknown talent?

– Sing opera, baritone baroque.

If you were our animal?

– A wolverine. Strong, intense, troubled, funny, and not afraid of the bear in a social context at all.

When do people feel embarrassed?

– When they choose not to see or hear, just in case they get rid of them.

Property you respect?

– People who can recognize their mistakes.

You are omnipotent for a day. What do you do first?

– Ensure that God gives the best to his double standard and recognizes that he is a little wrong.

Another profession that would suit you?

– Train drivers. Imagine navigating a kilometer freight train through the beautiful landscape of Sweden, with Sumatra coffee coffees in the next thermos for me.

Do you have any extravagance?

– Get nine pairs of palladium shoes at home. And at work.

Where do you like it best?

– In the pool with every member of the family, at the same time.

What do you eat in your last meal?

– A cup of Sumatra coffee to roast and a Norwegian vanilla waffle with a Waldorf salad.

Who, live or die, would you like to invite dinner?

– The actor and comedian Lasse Eriksson, who is my mentor. We were going to have a lunch one Sunday in March 2011, he died on Friday on the front of the front. I would love to have that lunch with Lasse.

Which offer did you not refuse?

– Saab calls and tells me that I can go with a new non-fossil JAS to my mother in Northern Norway. Mom, i and the pilot are drunk. Then we turned around and land in Linköping where I can keep an inspiration speech to the audience in the Saab Arena before matching seven in the final 2021 hockey SM.

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