Wednesday , May 25 2022

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No abnormal side effects on the corona vaccine

The pharmaceutical companies Pfizer / Biontech and Moderna are said to be the farthest in developing corona vaccine.

In the last phase 3 studies, both must have shown an efficiency of 95 per cent.

After a record-breaking process, the question of vaccine safety has worried many, but according to the pharmaceutical companies, the side effects have been mild.

– These are the classic side effects of a vaccine. Fever for a few days, headache, fatigue and perceived pain at the injection site for a few hours or days, Matti Sällberg, professor of biomedical analysis at Karolinska Institutet in Nyhetsmorgon told TV4.

Several side effects of the forthcoming vaccine have been detected

Hallengren on the new restrictions

From today, no alcohol will be served in restaurants and bars after 10pm.

On Tuesday next week, the limit for public events and public gatherings will be reduced to a maximum of eight people.

After the new corona restrictions, Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren was asked if Sweden is as close to closure as it can be.

– A question of definition, but we’ve come a long way, says the Social Affairs Minister at SVT’s morning studio.

LIVE REPORT: Update on the coronavirus

Trump is inviting Republican leaders to the White House

President Donald Trump has pushed through lawsuits in several states after losing the election to Joe Biden.

The lawsuits were dismissed by courts, most recently in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Trump has now invited two Republican leaders from Michigan, a state where Joe Biden has been declared the winner, to the White House to discuss election results.

According to reports, the president’s plan is to press the leaders to appoint electors who voters have not voted for.

Trump’s next step is to force himself to remain in power

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