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Therese Johaug for Kallas opportunities in sciathlon


oKristoffer Bergström

Seefeld. Charlotte Kalla is the Olympic champion who reigns in a skiath.

But when she's a long time in the World Cup, Therese Johaug does not hold her Swedish competitor as a favorite.

– She's a joke, says Johaug.

How is the biggest winter star in the 21st century?

A year ago, Charlotte Kalla won four Olympic medals in Pyeongchang, but the success was followed by uneven winter. He came second in his first time in Ruka, but the last race in the World Cup ended with thirteen ineffective ten-free free.

"Has not gone her way"

Yfory, Saturday, it's time for a skiathlon in the World Cup in Austria. Kalla reigns an Olympic champion at the distance, but the difference between now and then is not only its form but the guy Therese Johaug is back to stop.

Norskan has won all the distance races since the return. She is a favorite in a long-term way since Marit Björgens or perhaps the days of the glory of Björn Dählies.

But call? What does Norwegian think about it?

– I feel Charlotte is a great tomorrow tomorrow. Christmas has not gone from a way, but I know what it can do. I think she has taken a step and she usually raises herself in the championship. So there is a girl we should look for, says Johaug.

After being surprised by the confrontation: Lord!

Johaug and Kalla are friends. They met as quickly as possible during the period kept in Italy.

– We saw little at Seiser Alm and we talked. The impression that I found was that it had improved during the last period, said Johaug.

His chances of his own medal, in the way? By the way, Norwegian believes that the World Championship goal is a medal, the Norwegian guardians give a chance of 99.9 per cent to be satisfied.

– Lord, Johagu is an excuse when he heard the likelihood census.

– It's easy for people to sit at home on the sofa. But I can say it is not.

Today, the announcement that Ebba Andersson swinging Swedec races the World Cup Saturday racing.

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