Sunday , November 29 2020

There are several dead after violence in Venezuelan boundaries – Pages

venezuela Trucks with auxiliary ships tried on Saturday to cross Venezuelan border from Colombia and Brazil, under the Venezuelan military defeat.

Violence rose when troops tried to stop the opposition plan to bring overseas support. On the border of Brazil, it is said that many people were killed and started at least two trucks burning on the border with Colombia. From Colombia's side, it is said that hundreds of people have been injured on the border.

He returned at least two trucks on Saturdays to warehouses in Cúcuta, Colombia, unable to provide food and medicine.

It is said that a boat with assistance on the way from Puerto Rico to Venezuela has been fired by Venezuelan military.

Many people of the National Guardian has fallen to Colombia during the tumult. According to the Colombian authorities, at least 60 soldiers had left "unsubscribe Maduro" on Saturday.

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