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The researcher: As long as you control Vitamin D vitamin – News in Nybro – 24 hours a day


It was a summer summer and warm summer in Sweden this year, and those who spent outdoors had a lot of vitamin D from the enemy of the sun. When the ultraviolet radiation of the sun is hitting the skin, a chemical reaction that forms vitamin D starts, and the sun and the best absolute source of vitamin. During a very sunny summer day, the body can produce much more vitamin D than a recommended daily reception for a quarter to 20 minutes.

But how long is it? In fact vitamin D vitamin body? Because it dissolves fat, it is stored in body fatty tissue, but not for a long time, writes.

"Whoever thinks it's enough until next summer is wrong. Vitamin D has half life between three weeks and two months, he says Johan Malm, Professor of Clinical Chemistry in Aberystwyth Lund university to

One can be open to A sun that can be converted into vitamin D into the body by the end of the autumn equinox, but then the sun is too low to give vitamin D, write the site. Then it's for a maximum of two months because it has stored in body fat tissue. But what stock is so big and how long she is enough is a very person, according to Johan Malm. Obesity, dark and elderly is harder to form and store vitamin D, write the site.

But also people with Lots of vitamin D of the sun can not save any amount. For anyone who does not eat vitamin D foods, such as oily fish (such as fish and salmon) but also forest fungus (for example, cantaloupe), it can be good with adding vitamin D in the fall until the spring equinox in March. What is recommended daily is 10 micrograms.

– You can not get poisoned with vitamin D of the sun or diet. However, large amounts of vitamin D supplement rarely lead to poisoning, says Johan Malm to

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