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The quantity of measles has increased in Finland and globally – the risk of spreading the largest in Ostrobothnia | home


Last year, 16 people fell in measles in Finland, THL said. It's five times more than the previous year. Those who had infected had been abroad. The incidence of enterococci has also increased – they have trebled from 66 to 205. According to THL, the volume of enterococci cases remains small.

Not only in Finland that the incidence of measles was greater last year. Also in other European countries, more people were ill in measles.

"Over the last 12 months, tens of thousands of measles cases have been reported in European countries," said the senior physician Taneli Puumalainen of THL.

Those who fell ill had been abroad and the infection spread most to people in the immediate family.

The biggest risk of spreading the measles was wider in Ostrobothnia, where the unvaccinated child was ill in an area where the vaccination was low.

Puumalainen reminds everyone to check their vaccination before traveling anywhere. This should be done no later than one month before the journey.

Damage to bacteria that are resistant to drugs

In 2018, the presence of drug resistant bacteria in Finland also increased.

THL is best followed by four bacteria that are resistant to drugs. Their prevalence has increased in Finland compared to the previous year.

In particular enterococcal cases have increased – they have trebled if compared to 2017. The resistance of rod-negative bacteria also increases (enterobacteriaceae). Cases rose from 48 to 73 in 2017–2018.

The senior doctor Puumalainen says that the situation in Finland is very good compared to the rest of the world. This is due to an efficient treatment system and good hospital hygiene.

– The presence of microbial drug resistance is a cause for concern. It's a big global problem and it's having a big impact on prices and how effective antimicrobials are used in the future, ”he said.

The incidence of TBE and rabies is also increasing

In 2018 the number of cases reported from TBE 79 was the number, which is as much as the previous year. The number of TBE cases has increased in recent years.

Most people who were ill last year's TBE lived in risk areas for TBE. The incidence of the disease has increased particularly in the southwestern region of Lojo Lake.

Those living in that area are now recommended to vaccinate.

Tick ​​crawl on a finger.

Tick ​​crawl on a finger.
Image: Numerau Yle / Philemon von
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People are also becoming increasingly vulnerable to rabies. In the year 2018, there were 71. 32 cases open to rabies in Thailand, 13 in Indonesia and the rest in other countries. More than a third of cases were caused by dog ​​bites.

Cats, monkeys, horses and bats can also spread the rabies. THL recommends that you avoid contact with animals, especially dogs, cats and monkeys, when traveling abroad.

In broad terms, the situation with regard to infectious diseases in Finland, according to him, is stable. Puumalainen notes that no major epidemic or incident has threatened public health in the last year.

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