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The punch of Cecilia Wikström is curious


DADL. Liberation leadership Cecilia Wikström rose from the European Union election list this weekend after choosing to retain paid board assignments at Beijer Alma and Elekta. But the problem is not that too many Swedish politicians are undertaking business, but not enough to do so – perhaps because such participation is seriously punished, writes Christofer Fjellner (M), the EU parliament .

Cecilia Wikströms petning from liberalsList to points There may be no more loss for liberalism in Europe, but it is not possible to ignore the fact that the procedure is curious and that the wall between business and politics is now risking becoming even greater. It loses politics and business.

The Liberation decision this weekend to install Wikström is difficult to understand. They do not believe that the role of MEPs is compatible with two paid board duties. This is despite the fact that the leader of both parties, Jan Björklund and the nomination committee, previously knew and approved board assignments, when he was elected the lead candidate for the party's advice from the body Make the Liberals' highest decisions less than three weeks ago.

Over us, the perception was changed and the party board forced her to choose this weekend. He chose the board assignments. The Liberal and Wikstrom decisions are likely to be seen in the light of weak opinion support after collaboration with the Social Democrats in the Januri Agreement. L is scared of standing without representation in the European Parliament.

Wikstrom has probably said it is quite reasonable that the board assignments continue at least after May and that it is not compromised to leave it much if it's chosen. But the future of the Liberals and Wikströms affect ever the population.

The important issue for Sweden is whether it should be possible for future politicians to participate in the business sector. Should we aim to exchange common experience to increase understanding of other important social field? My own experience of board assignments in the business community tells me that it is the answer. Political decision-making is improving, and not worse, if more politicians have an insight into the sectors and their industries that they make decisions about and regulate.

This is the idea that is based on the procurement in the European Parliament. He clearly states that he can join non-political trips, and that almost a third member of the European Parliament is just a paid side mission. Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the Group of the Liberal Party Group in the European Parliament, assigns for, among other things, the holding company of Sofina, and it is replaced by substantial sums per month.

Swedish members are their low contribution in the outgoing business sector. Perhaps because of such participation is seriously punished. But as obvious as a commitment outside the policy, it should be equally obvious that these should be reported openly. The regulations are also clear at this point. All financial interests and board assignments must be declared. Just as temporary assignments that provide financial benefit.

A more relevant discussion should be how to avoid conflicts of interest and conflict situations. Maria Wetterstrand's report on biofuels shows this with every desirable clarity. It is clearly inappropriate that she, as a shareholder and board member of a company that is interested in biofuels, is investigating the matter. They basically harness confidence in the reasonable conclusions of the investigation. Responsible condition adviser, Isabella Lövin, has not done his job with sufficient care.

So we can turn to the logic. Play with the idea that an investigation into the future of independent schools is led by a member of a free school group board. Then, the criticism had not been compassionate and the responsible investigator did not, as Wetterstrand went away, calling the link "very odd".

The Wikström relationship complicates the necessary exchange between business and politics, as it needs to be facilitated for society as a whole. Politiken does not stand with Wikström, but it's certain that the policy and industry politics will need the policy. Therefore, the exchange must take place in a professional manner so that the number of politicians in the boardroom and board members in politics is becoming more.

Christofer Fjellner, ASE (M)

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