Thursday , August 11 2022

The Google Nest unit had a hidden microphone


Nest owned by Google produces products for smart homes, such as thermostats and alarm systems. And the last product category has now been the subject of a lot of criticism, after updating an alarm system that supports voice commands through a Google Assistant. It sounds good in itself, you may think. If Google never said to consumers before the system had a microphone alarm. Wps.

Many customers dig

The reactions were not waiting for them, and in the social media many consumers are now questioning how Nest has been able to omit the information the microphone alarm has. The initial Nest response was that the microphone has not been used so far and it can be activated if desired. One of course can ask you how one might come to the idea of ​​a function deactivation that one does not even know exists. Since then, it has been published by the Business Insider announcement and to apologize. "The microphone has never been confidential and it should have been clear from the technical specification. We've done it wrong," he said. Of course, one thing with which the explanation is sufficient to appeal & the users is very uncertain. Nest's alarm system is currently one year old, and they are probably not satisfied with being unaware of having mounted microphones at home.

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