Tuesday , November 24 2020

The first image of the snowman in space – Ultima Thule

The images are "the most primitive objective a space auditor has ever encountered"
when the new Horizons newser had just passed from January 1 this year,
writes the United States Nasa space agency.

The turnover was already described as an historical company, and Nasa now rejoices that they are also successful in taking good pictures.

– Bullseye! announces Alan Stern, manager of New Horizons, according to NASA's society.

– To get these pictures, we had to know which few of Ultima and New Horizons were now – seconds – when they passed each other at a speed of over 50,000 kilometers per hour in the Kuiper weak light, billions of kilometers beyond Pluto.

Real-time auditor control is not going, because even at the speed of light, it takes six hours for the signals between the search and the ground.

– This was much harder than anything that was tried in the past Pluto 2015.

Ultima Thule looks A bit like a snowman, where two similar spherical structures sit together, the one is much more than the other. In total, Ultima is 31 kilometers long, where the maximum (19 kilometers of diameter) is known and it is called Thule.

Probably, it was formed in a collision at a relatively slow pace in the sun system. But Nasa researchers will now study the pictures to look for more clues.

– Some of the details that we now see on the face of Ultima Thule are similar to any object that we have studied in the foregoing, says Alan Stern.

New Horizons now continue into the darkness. As can be seen
On the scanner's website, the next exciting object is to look at something that's going back the name "2011 JX31". But what is clearing a space that we do not know until around 2020.

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