Thursday , May 19 2022

The city of Malmö closes everywhere to visit


The city of Malmö closes everywhere to visit

Baths, art galleries and recreational facilities that are out of nature – the city of Malmö is now closing all places to visit to prevent the spread of infection.

Per-Erik Ebbeståhl, a management strategist at the city office, and Gisela Öst, director of health and care administration, during a press conference about Malmö city’s work with covid-19.Image: Johan Nilsson / TT

– From November 23, we will be closing bathing and leisure facilities to the public, said Per-Erik Ebbeståhl, management strategist at the Malmö City Office, during a press conference and ongoing.

– We see it as a problem for us to close them because they have an important role in our society. But right now is not the time to visit them.

The city of Malmö operates and closes most things that can attract audiences and visitors. Swimming facilities will continue to be open to society and school swimming.

As well as bathing houses and similar activities, the closures also apply to leisure centers for pre-2005 young people as well as Malmö museums and art gallery art and culture institutes.

– It’s all about the public activities aimed at the public, explains the city’s acting cultural director Susanne Serenhov.

However, the libraries will remain open, along with activities aimed at children up to the age of 15.

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