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The artist R Kelly has transferred herself


Photo: Tyler LaRiviere / AP

R Kelly gave himself over Friday night, local time.

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R Kelly's artist was raised on Friday, suspected of sexual assault.

During the evening, local time, he placed himself at a police station in Chicago.

During Friday morning, the 52-year-old artist was accused of a suspicion of multiple sexual abuse. Abuse, among other things, should be against 13-17 year olds.

However, the artist was still bigger.

On Friday, local time, he gave himself over.

Ten fees

He called R Kelly, or Robert Kelly, arriving at the police station in a dark spot with stained glass. The artist was escorted between the car and the police station from their own security staff, who got photographers away. R Kelly did not say a word.

Website images show how R Kelly gets dresses from belts.

According to AP, there are around ten payments, including sexual assault on four different people, three of which are 13 to 17 year olds.

During Saturday, a judge will decide whether R Kelly will be able to release the bail or not.

Many testify to abuse

A week ago, lawyer Michael Avenatti presented a video to the prosecutor. According to Avenatti, the video shows how R Kelly has some with a 14-year-old girl.

It has been amazing about R Kelly recently, after the documentary "Surviving R Kelly" was shown on television. Many women, industry colleagues and people near R Kelly testify about how she has been sexually abusive for women and girls for many years.

R Kelly himself denies payments.

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