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Sweden sadly after Dante – a quiet minute was held in many places in the country


It has been involved in a day since the police called for a press conference in connection with searching for the missing 12-year-old Dante.

That is the local police force manager Christer Bartholdsson then he told us where we did not want to hear completely – the police had found a deceased body in the search council in Falkenberg, who was most likely to be 12 years old.

– Today, we've found a deceased person at 15:40. The deceased has not fully identified, but relatives have been told that Dante, most likely, has told Bartholdsson during the press conference.

Hundreds of people in Stortorget

The search for the boy continued for three days and several thousand people in different ways and contributed.

The tragic message the police announced on Friday night for the deceased boy who became a shock to many and no-one was married.

On Friday, hundreds of people gathered at Stortorget in Falkenberg to remember Dante. The square is abolished with lots of light candles, flowers and teddy bear. On Saturday morning, light came on and there is sadness through Falkenberg.

Stortorget in Falkenberg. Image source: Jonas Dagsson / TT.

The church in Falkenberg was open to the public on Friday night and a nighttime prayer was arranged, as many of the city's residents came in, Expressen wrote.

A silent record before the football match

Despite the fact that it has been good for the Falkenbergs OS football club this year, squeezing the mood for today's game. Rather than celebrating all their football alliance in Allsvenskan next year, they honor Dante 12 years old.

Just before the club started his game, a quiet minute was held to honor Dante. In the Falcon Alcohol Arena Arena, there were great "flags", where "LOVE DANTE" and "DANTE", with heartbeat.

Falkenberg IF started his game with a quiet record. Image Source: Thomas Johansson / TT

"Rural care"

On Saturday afternoon, the post posted by Kronenikör Björn Ranelid Chronicle of sadness after Dante 12 years old.

"Warning and sadness are calm on streets and squares. There is a rural care in Sweden and is not a king or queen who has died. The one who is killed is a little boy of the name Dante who walks with you the rest of our lives. " , it's just a small part of a chronicle because he writes about Sweden's sadness for Dante.

A quiet record in the country during Saturday night

On Saturday, Dante held a quiet moment in many places around the country. Facebook Group "Dante wrote 12 years – Minnessida" posted on Facebook on Saturday where he published silent moments.

"Saturday 10/11 At 20:00 we will spend a quiet moment throughout the country for Dante. Together, we can agree and support the family, and honor Dante's memory."

Kyle Wilkins The Facebook group started just after he got the tragic news that Dante had died.

"I started the group because there was a need to have a forum where one could support each other and support the family in this regard. A forum where you can collect thoughts in one place, and where the family can try comfort, he says Nyheter24.

The group currently has 4,100 members. Already yesterday, Kyle announced a quiet record that would take place at 8:00 pm on Friday.

"It was not so much to see it promptly and I started to share the Facebook post after the eight bells passed, so I announced a quiet moment again on Saturday evenings and it got the most spread. The job was spread 9,000 times, told News24.

Many hundreds of people have shared photos in the group during the night where they show light candles from their homes and from public places where they collect.

Halland traffic buses were still all through Halland on Saturday during the quiet moment to honor Dante.

Image Source: Hallandstrafiken / facebook

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