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Stig had a new daughter – when she was 84 years old


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When the phone rang last spring, 85-year-old Stig Söderlund had never been able to imagine that he would have another girl in his life.

He was about 18-20 years ago when a man heard of Stig Söderlund, 85, and said they belonged. The man, like genealogy, wondered if Stig wanted to know more about his family's history – Stig wanted.

– It's a very long story, we say who lives in Skövde.

Then they heard from time to time. Amongst other things, the Stig relative asked to do a DNA test to investigate family connections with an aunt, which Stig did not think. But it wasn't until the spring of 2018 that Stig received a conversation from this relative who would change his life.

– "Stig, you're sitting down" he asked and I replied that "yes, I'm doing".

Stig then learned that he had a daughter called Ann-Britt Gustavsson, who is 64 years old and lives in Säffle.

– "From that," he said. Then I heard the story behind it all.

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Stig had one for her daughter at the age of 84. Ann-Britt had a new father as a 64-year-old.

The girl was tested by DNA

Even Ann-Brit's daughter seems to have done a DNA test to find out more about her background.

– She had received a DNA test at the moment and when she had the result she discovered that it was equivalent to Stig Söderlund. When she read her daughter, she realized that it was my father, says Ann-Britt to Skaraborgs Läns Tidning.

Ann-Britt herself always thought that her real father was the one who married her mother before she was born. This is because no one said how it really was.

– At first I didn't really know what to think, but now everything is great. That Stig in life and that I suddenly had a brother in Stöpen and a sister in Skövde, he tells the newspaper.

"Curious story"

Stig talks about their first meeting.

– It was a direct bang and very long hug. It was amazing.

He has no idea that he has a daughter. And even if he felt a bit scary at first, he was happy. As it is today, they talk several times a week.

– We have a pleasure, I have another child and three grandchildren, and three grandchildren children.

Ann-Britt has greeted his son and his daughter also has a telephone link with her.

– So that's how good it is. It's a very strange story, but true.

Ann-Britt has given permission to be quoted in the article.

Facts: Family research with DNA test

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