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Spectacular properties are still for sale – Pages


Last year, the newspaper wrote about a church to be rebuilt and a cottage on a completely separate island .. Two unique properties advertised to them, with Oxelösund measuring, high prices.

Recently, the cottage in Lövskär has been sold again, but with an initial price of 650,000 SEE is lower than in August 2018. This is a cottage without running fresh water, but well reservoir. fresh can be filled with canister. The cottage, however, has been located on a lease plot of a small island itself without a neighbors guarantee. The broker at the time, Håkan Thelin, explained that he was a lot about psychology in terms of getting your own island.

– Much of the real estate market is based on psychology, emotions and expectations, more than material things. You and I as a customer believe it is much more worth being on your own on an island, then we can come home and tell our friends that we have been in the summer cottage on our own room rather than being the summer house on the island, he told me.

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The seaman's church from the time before it became a residential building.

There was another housing article read by many at one of the old Sailors' Church in the center of Oxelösund. After a very extensive refurbishment, the old church has been converted into residential buildings and it was announced in 2018 for SEK 8,450,000, but now the initial price of SEK is 6995,000.

This is a living area of ​​384 square meters, where a living room of just under 160 square meters is included.

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