Wednesday , May 25 2022

SMHI warns blixthalka in the county


According to SMHI, a rainfall area moves to the west of Jönköping County during the morning of Thursday. It can be snow or wet snow that can turn rain later. It may also be an element of rain rainfall. As the roads lanes are cold, there is a danger of a road icon in Jönköping County.

"Enter winter tires or not use the car at all," said Åsa Rasmussen, an SVT meteorologist.

Risks to drive

It's important to be very careful on Thursday morning when the roads are in the coldest, said Åsa Rasmussen. It may already pose a risk to drive around the 5 strands.

But the call is valid throughout Thursday.

"I think you have to be careful. Do you see it's snow, remember it could even stop if it does not look like this.

For more information about the way you live, see Trafikverket road map.

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