Tuesday , January 25 2022

SL starts with body cameras on ticket managers


According to Stockholm County Council, the cameras will record audio and image. The user manages when the camera turns on and then the image material is sent to a local server. The camera should either be on the costume or worn around the neck of the ticket manager.

According to SL, the user or any third party can not access the clip as they have been encrypted.

About blue-blue The majority of the county council, as he wishes, can further develop a camera surveillance in public transport. Among other things, they want real-time cameras on the buses and more cameras outside the stations and stations.

Kristoffer Tamsons (M) Traffic Council Council hopes that the cameras will help to reduce the number of threatening and violent situations for the inspectors.

Body camera transported by Arriva personnel in Skånetrafiken.
Body camera transported by Arriva personnel in Skånetrafiken. picture: Jan-Erik Jansson

The reasons for the trial, which will last for two months, according to the blue-green majority that managers often expire in vulnerable situations in their work. Employees have testified that regulated travelers can act painful or even violent when the ticket checks are carried out.

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Would she not have the effect opposite body cameras? Ticket managers can often stop in vulnerable situations.

– The one of the attempts made has not suggested this. In the opposite, they testify to various attempts and studies that were conducted as an important tool. Both to indicate the risk of filming. But also the person who has made stupidities can be identified, says Kristoffer Tamsons.

Would not more colleagues make it even easier for inspectors or more cameras?

"We're not working with that too, both with increasing ticket controls, but also supportive by guardians of order and the demands of the police on joint efforts. At certain times and places, there are cases of people who want to do anything but right in public transport. They take unreasonable words and violence, "says Kristoffer Tamsons.

It continues:

"We want more colleagues, more organizers and more help with policing. Then, I have previously opened to review the law on threats and violence against those who work in public transport. They are society heroes and should be seen as such. They should be able to count on the support of society.

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