Monday , July 4 2022

Samsung introduced the next step to Bixby


He went up to the platform for 19 p.m., and talked mainly about how, with important technical prerequisites in place, well placed to create the associated life. With the AI, 5G and a large number of connected devices, the ecosystem is needed. The next challenge, according to DJ Koh, is to use it truly for areas that make a difference to final customers.

Middle in the future

Centrally, it became clear, because the Samsung vision is the BIxby assistant. Nowadays, however, Samsung is clear that Bixby will be much more than a voice assistant and rather collect all of the Samsung AI things and form a scalable AI platform.

In the future, Bixby will be in many more units, which are now available in five additional languages ​​as well as Korean and English (not yet Swedish), and will also be opened to developers who, according to Samsung, can use & The tools Samsung uses.

Replace in more units

Samsung sells 500 million units every year, and Bixby will also be available in Samsung's vision of fridges, TV sets, speakers and tablets. Bixby will also bring many other third party products from other manufacturers. This makes Bixby in a few years, according to Dag Kittlaus, CEO of Viv, one billion units. Viv is the company that bought Samsung and became the foundation of Bixby.

Not too late

On stage, Dag Kittlaus denied the claimant that Samsung and Bixby were late outside, suggesting that Amazon or Google would start incredibly. Instead, he claimed that the person with an interest in voice equipment was right to start at the moment.

– Not everyone may remember it, but when Google started its search engine, 14 search engines had already been set up. The one that comes in to the market today has good opportunities to get started and succeed, he says.

The market of smart assistants today is a simple tool with the potential to be an important and integral part of everyday life. We also heard a lot about IOT and Samsung Smartthings and what developers have opportunities to reach users with their services and on-line tools.

Galaxy Home links to Spotify

For example, it was shown how the Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker can be typed and controlled using the voice. For example, you can make voice calls if the speaker has to connect to a Samsung phone, listen to Spotify, and developers can develop services that add features to Galaxy Home because the speaker should be part of the ecosystem that developers have access to in the Bixby development tool. .

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