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Samsung Galaxy S10 – now in a benchmark test

Samsung Galaxy S10 is short: Here's what the rumors say

  • Screen size from 5.8 to 6.4 inches with screen fingerprint reader and self-camera hole
  • 5G model with 6.7 inch screen, two rear and two front cameras
  • After being powered by Exynos 9820 Samsung chips launched with dedicated AI processor

You'll find everything written about the Samsung Galaxy S10 that was further collected in this article

Galaxy S10 with Exceros chipset in benchmark test

If we believe that the @IceUniverse, with a good track record, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is getting very fast.

He has posted what is said to be a screenshot of a test test in the Antutu benchmark for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The proven designation that has the SM-G975F designation, which is in line with what we expect to S10 Plus will have as a model designation. The chipset is the Exynos 9820 that was launched recently.

The tested phone, with 6 GB of work space and 128 GB of storage, receives 325 076 points in Antutu, just over the S9 Plus, which received 252 552 points in our test. It is also more than Mate 20 Pro, the first Android mobile phone with next generation chipset (In this case, Kirin 980). Even the next generation Snapdragon chipset has been screened in Antutu, but not on S10, and even higher results 362 292. The iPhone XS Max comes in just over 368 000 in Antutu.

The fact that S10 may appear in benchmark tests already in November shows that we will see a previous launch this year from Samsung's top model, maybe in January. On the other hand, an alleged performance test is easily falsified.

Elias Nordling

November 26, 2018:

Samsung S10 can have six cameras and 5G

Samsung seems to be planning an extensive upgrade to appear with the leading Samsung Galaxy S10 that celebrates its 10th anniversary for its main mobile phone. According to the latest data, Samsung plans to launch three different variants of S10 rather than two that have been proud of recent years.

5.8 inches and more

According to Wall Street Journal, the size of the screen should range from 5.8 to 6.4 inches. According to the data, Samsung also works on a fourth variation to 5G, but since the expanding 5G network has become a long way in different countries, there will be a limited launch of that model.

6 cameras, 5G and 6.7-inch screen

According to data from people, the 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released in the US and South Korea and has a 6.7-inch screen. In addition, the version of the S10 must have six cameras. There are two cameras ahead while, as the new A9 was launched, it has four cameras on the back.

Bear edges

Previously, Samsung has avoided the type of sensor panel that is compatible with the screen and is still on. Instead, there is information that the Galaxy S10 will have in a "hole" on the screen, what Samsung calls it Inifinity O.

In addition, rumors say in the form information from the discharge established by Evan Blass The Galaxy S10 gets a fingerprint reader in the screen glass. This means that the edges around the screen become tighter than in the previous models.

Erik Mörner

November 16, 2018:

Design patents shine how Samsung Galaxy S10 can look

Let's Go Digital, the Netherlands website, has highlighted a new patent of Samsung that shows how the leading Galaxy S10 that is coming will look. And the difference to the predecessors can be very big.

It seems that a phone with a front piece contains almost 100 per cent of space and the wet dream for most telephone manufacturers, but how to succeed anyone who has come to up to here But if the new patent Samsung has applied for is something to do, the Galaxy S10 that will come at least will be very close. The patent shows future phone models with the Infinity-O screen that Samsung presented at its developers conference last week, instead of a sensor panel, it was decided to install a self-gamer in a hole in the display . In conjunction with a fingerprint sensor below the screen glass, the next to the total screen area is a fact.

Some variations

In the patent application, many different design variations are represented, but the two variations that stand out are called Model A and Model B, both of them gets the small cut for the self-camera and also offers a huge screen that goes all to the edges of each page. Both have a variety of rounded corners, but Model A has curves slightly narrower than Model B. The last reminder of Galaxy S9 is today's shape. Samsung is expected to publish the Galaxy S10 in early 2019 and it would be cool if it looks like any of the design variants that are applied for.

Mats Karlsson

November 15, 2018:

Ready for the Galaxy S10: Samsung's new chip launch

The unusual early launch of the new chip chips and unexpected technology marks the early launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The new chips of Samsung in Expectos 9820 are predictable, but it was unexpectedly launched in November. The highest chips this year, which appeared in Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9, were shown in conjunction with the CES fair in early January.

8 nanometer, not 7 like Apple and Huawei

Another unexpected aim is that the chipset is done in an 8-nanometer process. This is not only after the Huawei and Apple competitors made the 7 nanometer chips, but also when Samsung announced their own 7-nanometer process ready to produce circuits. One reason for this is that Samsung is in a hurry. According to the company's press release, Exynos 9820 will be available in volume before the end of the year. It's much earlier than it was needed to sell Galaxy S10 in early March, which could be interpreted as Samsung plans to launch the next best model earlier. On the other hand, we have heard rumors about an early launch almost every year without becoming a reality.

Faster, but without excess

A faster process involves faster chips, but the difference between 7 and 8 nanometers should not be exaggerated, and Exynos 9820 offers standard performance improvements: 20 percent faster on single drive, 15 percent multi-run , and 40 percent less energy. This time, one has chosen a similar configuration in Huawei Kirin 980, with three groups of processor methods, four of them Corex A55-Corex, two in Cortex A75, and two are proprietary processing creators. Graphic Circuit is an Arm of Mali-G76 MP12. One thing like Huawei is that you now have a specific nursing processor for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The chipset supports LTE at a speed that we will not learn from our operators in the near future, but 5G is missing in this generation's chip.

Elias Nordling

November 14, 2018:

Probably, the Galaxy S10's budget version is released

Now the technical player that Ben Geskin is now notified with alleged specifications for the Samsung Galaxy S10 budget version, which is said to be on its way.

Usually Samsung releases two versions of its leading annual venture, a regular version and a larger version with a little more screen. But for a long time, he has been distributing data that will offer three variations in 2019. One of them is said to be a kind of budget version, with a slightly simpler screen without round edges. And just that version of the phone now says, the technical player Ben Geskin has found information about it.

Have some Infinity O screens

According to Geskin, the simpler S10 device has also been very well equipped with the flat screen type of the Infinity-O name. And instead of the latest Snapdragon Snapdragon chips, the phone will have Snapdragon chips this year 845. Specific details are, however, somewhat uncertain, and Geskin claims that other data indicates Snapdragon 8150 is the device -pip instead. Otherwise, it is said that the 4 or 6GB phone has a memory memory and a fingerprint sensor side by side. On the backside there should be dual cameras. It is also said that the price of between 650 and 750 dollars is up to date. As always, when it comes to unconfirmed tasks, it is better to take with a pinch of salt.

Mats Karlsson

November 9, 2018:

Tasks: The Galaxy S10 will have an AI processor

The future Samsung Galaxy S10's leading phone will be a famously known heavenly processor, which can offer advanced functionality based on AI. It alleges transparent sources for Samsung's plans.

Smart phones with chipp dedicated to artificial intelligence and machine learning are not new. Huawei and Apple have already launched products with such processors, and Google has a similar solution in its new Pixel phones, although that is completely photocopy. And now, Samsung seems to be holding up on the trend as well. He at least alleges Korean and ET news source announcements. According to them, the Galaxy S10 has a dual core nuclei processor that will handle image processing, image recognition and voice recognition.

It's likely to launch on MWC

According to the data, the new phone chips are generated in a 7-nanometer process that is known as remarkable, and it is not surprising when Apple and Huawei's main competitors are already using & # 39 ; r 7-nanometer chip. The heavenly processor should be up-to-date with the Samsung Exynos chip itself and the Welsh skip devices (these are used on the North American market). Galaxy S10 is expected to be published sometime during the first quarter or second quarter of the year. At least, we will learn a bit more about the phone in conjunction with the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

Mats Karlsson

October 2, 2018:

Room specifications for the Galaxy S10 may have dropped

Samsung is expected to release three of the leading Galaxy S10 versions that are coming up next and next year. But already, the details of the triple camera solution appear on the back cover until the more Galaxy S10 Plus model is revealed. This information from two different discharges directly refers to exactly the specifications.

No, the Galaxy S10 did not become Samsung's first phone with three cameras on the back. That honor was awarded the Galaxy A7 segment centrifugal, which is absolutely sure with Samsung's stated ambition to provide simpler simpler phone models with mainly new and advanced secondary technical solutions. However, any of the Galaxy S10 variants will also have a triple camera solution, well, well beyond all reasonable doubt. And now the specifications for the installation of the three camera lenses have also been disclosed. From two different directions, further information is coherent about the issue.

The same main cameras as S9

According to the data, the main camera will be the same as the one in the Galaxy S9, that is, a camera with a resolution of 12 megapixel and a different aperture of f1.5 / 2.4. According to the data, the other camera should have a 16 megapixel sensor with a f1.9 opening and a wide angle. That lens should not have any optical or autotic image stabilization. The third camera lens should have a sensor with a decision of 13 megapixel and open2f2. The simpler version of the Galaxy S10 as Samsung is expected to leave to have an individual camera on the back piece. If one or two of the other models that have a triple camera on the back piece are still visible.

Mats Karlsson

September 24, 2018:

Good: The Galaxy S10 comes in a curved-edged version

Since the launch of the Galaxy S8, all Samsung Galaxy libraries bring crested screens. But with the Galaxy S10 that is under way, the full flat screen can make a revival, at least if you believe that the Universe is a myth of technology.

Samsung's leading devices with curved screens became so popular among consumers that they decided to make it a standard propriety on their S and Note models. Last Samsung released a leading device with a screen that did not bend around the long sides when launching the Galaxy S7, which came in March 2016. But a completely flat screen concept can make a revival. At least, if you believe that the Ice Universe is a technician, who claims to have information that the Galaxy S10 will come in a completely flat screen version.

Three models are expected

It has distributed data from and so that the Galaxy S10 should come in three different designs rather than two, which we used to. And, according to Ice Universe, a simpler series should have a single camera on the back and flat screen. In addition, it should not have a fingerprint sensor under the screen glass, as the other two devices claim to receive. Of course, the purpose of the simpler variation will be more affordable. It is expected that the Galaxy S10 will be presented in conjunction with the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February 2019.

Mats Karlsson

September 6, 2018:

Famous: Galaxy S10 has been released in a special version with 5G support

The next release of Galaxy S is the next Samsung in the first quarter of next year. And one of the three variations in which the phone is coming in is available in a 5G supported version, claiming South Korean sources.

Nobody knows sure, but many point out that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released in three versions when it appears early next year. The distributed reports have been related to three devices with code names Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2. The last one should be an Advanced version of the Lord more advanced 1 Previously, it was said that some 5G support would not apply to any of the phones, although it is said that Samsung had considered the case. It would simply make the phones too expensive. But sources in South Korea now state that the Just Plus model can come in a special edition with a 5G modem.

Much is unclear

So, it's likely that the Galaxy S10 Plus in a 5G supportive version would probably be more expensive than next year, but it's hard to remember which device on land quite expensive at the moment. In fact, many are unclear about the alleged 5G version, such as which markets will be in hand and will be released at the same time as other Galaxy S10 devices. In Sweden, the 5G networks will, however, shine with their absence for some years, but in Asia, it's probably the other reason for S10 speculators to suck to think a little extra before the spring

Mats Karlsson

August 29, 2018:

Tasks: The Galaxy S10 gets a fingerprint reader under the screen glass

Fresh but unconfirmed data argue that Samsung Galaxy S10 – a phone expected to appear in February 2019 – will be a reader of fingerprints under the screen glass, manufactured by Qualcomm.

It is now more than three years since Gymcomm announced its fingerprint reader based on ultrasound waves of the name Snapdragon Sense ID. Certainly, the technology has been used in some devices, but it seems that none of the real global makers had attracted it to the answer. But now it can be time. A new reputation claims that Samsung Galaxy S10's leading portrait will be a fingerprint reader under the screensaver operated by Qualcomm. Sense ID technology also allows the detector to be placed under the screen glass, which, of course, strengthens credibility that only the current supplier is Cymcomm.

Getting many benefits

But not only the placement opportunities that benefit the Qualcomm solution. It will also offer more detail, higher security, and even if the user has dirty or wet fingers, as readers have other fingerprint screens that have obvious problems. If the information is correct, Samsung is not impossible to start a new trend.

In Sweden, Honor 10 has a reader of fingerprints below the glass (but not behind the screen) and when we've tried, he has often been seen unable to indicate bys. Hopefully, Samsung has chosen a better technical solution.

Mats Karlsson

July 10, 2018:

Two out of three Galaxy S10 models claim that they have a triple camera on the back piece

Samsung Galaxy S10's premier device is not expected to be released until February next year, and of course, so much can be changed. But if you can believe fresh rumors from sources in South Korea, at least two of the three variances Samsung claims to have a triple camera solution of the Huawei P20 Pro on the back.

What about a plan with a wide angle camera and one for telephoto, which has 12 megapixel? Then join a 16-megapixel 16-megapixel camera of 120 degrees, and we're talking about a very interesting picture solution. And that's what the Galaxy S10 can get if you get faith in the Korean The Bell business announcement. At least two of the three variants of the Galaxy S10 expected to be announced next year will have a triple camera camera solution, as well as dual front cameras.

Self-function unusual

It is easy to maintain a wealth of potential benefits with a supervidvin cell line. Above all, many things are learned on the picture without having to go far from the subject. However, what the two cameras does not have a purpose is, but of course, it can be related to any 3D functionality associated with face recognition. With the five cameras, Samsung Galaxy S10 will be compatible with the LG V40, which also claims to have five cameras, distributed according to the same principle. One that is possible to reach a human price tag at a reasonable price on a phone with so many cameras still to be seen. As always in relation to unconfirmed tasks, it should not be a bit vigilant.

Mats Karlsson

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